On this week's episode of the TouchArcade Show, it's a fascinatingly huge struggle to stay on topic. At the top, we discuss Paula Dean's latest problem, why Eli is across the ocean, and several other things that are increasingly more offbeat. However, we do eventually dig into the world of iOS in order to bring you the latest, hottest, and best-est in iOS news and coverage. Games like Pocket League and Raid Leader, as well as Smash Cops all make an appearance, as well as a hearty discussion on buying habits and the Vita.

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One note before our show notes: Eli's going to be in Europe for a bit, but we expect that some of the issues from this week's podcast (caused by horrible hotel WiFi) will be addressed by next week. You'll catch some audio burping and stuff from time-to-time and we're sorry about that.



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    First time I listen to your show. Great job and good example of what a podcast should be like.