On this week's TouchArcade Show, we power through a meaty discussion of WWE 12 and how we'd love our lives to be like a wrestler's in order to bring you the latest, hottest, and bestest in iOS. At the top, we praise Infinity Blade 2 and pan Judge Dredd vs Zombies. Later, we dig into discussions about third-party controllers, companion apps, games that fell off the radar, and "high" game prices. I think we all really dug this week's show, so hopefully you will, too.

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Here's your show notes:

  • Boxcat [$1.99] [Universal]
  • Catball Eats It All [Free] [Universal]



  • http://twitter.com/SamDakArk Samuel Strickland

    Ya know, i'm really enjoying Cat Ball Eats it All.
    It feels like playing tiny wings in a big circle, its all about building momentum to perfect (or should i say purrrfect) jumps and falls. Anyway, thanks again for another great podcast!