BioWare Talks Mobile, Obviously Excited About It

We’ve been waiting to see some solid evidence of a Mass Effect 3 companion app for some time, and while we haven’t heard anything new since series producer Casey Hudson let the cat ever-so-slightly out of its proverbial bag, we’ve been re-energized about the prospect  courtesy the latest public comments from the studio’s brass.

In an interview with BeefJack, Dr. Ray Muzyka praised mobile platforms and said that the idea of bringing what BioWare does best to them is an exciting idea. He also laid out a general plan. “So, we’re trying to adapt what we build and tune it to the needs of and desires of our fans across whatever platform they’re intending to play it on," he said. “And always leave them with the feeling that they’re playing something that’s awesome, really high quality.”

Let’s just… forget about this one.

Mass Effect 3 for consoles and PC is shipping with a cooperative, but almost RISK-like online component. “This is a concept that has never been done before in games, ever," Hudson said to CVG in October. “Not simply a story device, it’s fundamental to the game. For the first time, wherever you go — online, mobile, on social networks — you’ll be able to follow your progress. You’ll never have to leave the Mass Effect experience."

Here’s to hoping the mobile hint is what we think it is — and hopefully it won’t end up stinking like Galaxy [$.99]. Seems like it won’t, if BioWare is taking mobile as seriously as it seems to be implying.

[Via BeefJack, via CVG]