Gameloft made a splash back in February when they announced that they were hopping on the Unreal Engine bandwagon. This summer it was revealed that March of Heroes would be their first Unreal-based game… And it'd be playable at E3. Naturally, we had our greasy hands all over it at E3, and we even took home some gameplay video:

This information comes courtesy of the Gameloft twitter account, mere moments ago:

With that out of the way, maybe it's the custom designed tin foil hat I'm wearing right now, but something seems a little fishy about this announcement. First off, Gameloft's Twitter is notoriously meticulous when it comes to capitalizing things, even to the point of capitalizing "GALAXY" in "Samsung GALAXY," using all the proper periods in "N.O.V.A." instead of just typing "NOVA" like the rest of the world, and more. Secondly, the link they're linking to is just their generic Facebook page which contains no information on the matter.

So is this a prank, hoax, publicity stunt, or a little of the three? Who knows. I was looking forward to Gameloft throwing their hat into the proverbial Unreal Engine ring, so this is a bit of a bummer if it's actually true.

Update: Well, it turns out my tinfoil hat was reading tea leaves again, something it really loves to do. Gameloft's Facebook was just updated with this snippet:

Hi everyone, we know we have a big community of FPS fans here... so we are very sorry to announce that we will not be releasing March of Heroes.

Our developers will be focusing on developing various awesome games in the months to come and working on making them even better. Fans of March of Heroes should definitely look forward to the powerful Modern Combat 3. We are however, not cancelling our work on the Unreal Engine! We are expecting to release these games starting 2012.

So, I suppose, now is the time for rampant speculation as to why it was cancelled instead of just released as-is. The version I saw at E3 seemed very complete.

  • Trevor Ainsworth

    There UK Twitter account has the capitalization correct and links to the right Facebook page.
    Sadly, it looks like this is actually cancelled.

    • Imationer

      And, oddly, you say: "There UK Twitter account [...]" where it should say "Their UK Twitter account [...]"

      Some people try to correct everything but themselves. It's sad, to be honest.

      • phattestfatty

        did you read the article? they said it was odd that there was a capitalization error in the tweet. so he was confirming that it was correct on other gameloft twitter accounts.

      • Travis Wagner

        I think he was just trying to point out some additional information...

      • Mike

        *sigh* RTFA.

  • Anonymous

    Post deleted.

  • Dexter
  • Anonymous

    I'm not fussed to be honest but ONLY because Modern Combat 3 looks so friging stunning! Let's hope they speed up it's release not this game has been cancelled. But it would be interesting to know why they cancelled it?

  • sawyer4325

    WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SO excited for this game! PLEASE be a hacked account!

  • Guest

    Its official go to their page

  • Chris Overbee

    Knowing Gameloft, I would say they might have stepped a little too far with copyright infringement of some sort.  Of course, there's always the possibility that working with the Unreal Engine required a little more time t han once thought, or they would like more sales with MC3...

  • Caanerud

    I think they got several months into the development of this game before realizing that they were copying their own game. So they'll throw the levels they designed for March of Heroes into MC3 and they'll have a complete game.

    • Anonymous

      This is what I was thinking, why on earth do they need another of these titles when they could just build on a franchise?

  • Damien

    Not a big issue, we will just miss another crappy game from game loft.

  • Skye629

    Dis is actually good, MoH for an Unreal Engine game did not look up to par with others using the same engine.  Now gameloft can learn from its mistakes and experience with MoH and spend more time making even better games, NOVA 3 anyone?

  • Zapa

    @Damien believe me, if anything, the game wasn't crappy! I still don't know why it got canceled, but at least other project will get more mediatized! And no, it's not a hacked account! All the devs @ gameloft received a mail regarding the canceling.

  • Awesome

    Me @gameloft
    F*ck you!
    *opens fire
    at gameloft*

  • SMP

    I had no interest in that game, so good riddance!

  • Turkeydipking

    I wouldn't be that bothered, the game looked quite awful compared to other UE3 games.. Just the way gameloft handled this.... tssssskkkk.
    But hey. The game's graphics were crap, everyone said that, *another generic FPS made in UE3 where MC2 has the same graphics* I think gameloft realized that, got their team to focus on MC3, and I HOPE that their UE3 games they make will be original. What I think is that they simply noticed "oh crap! We're releasing FPS games when their not that original anymore, besides we kinda rushed this so hell let's trash it or rework the whole thing to make it an amazing experience." Please tell me I'm right *crosses fingers*

    • Zapa

      If that's the case, I'm throwing a party at the office!

      • Turkeydipking

        Ill always support your games whatever! 😀 
        But March of Heroes just didnt tickle my pickle as a UE3 game 😛
        It was GOOD. but not UE3 good if you catch my drift 🙂

  • Sanuku

    You Guys should ask yourself if Gameloft had pulled it back because of the horrible Graphic Assets? No, not really since Modern Combat 3 doesn't look better then "March of Heroes" if you compare those both Games. So why even add that Delay if Gameloft obviously doesn`t take the most out of the new Gameengine as other Developer do?

    Let`s take a look at the current upcoming 3D Shooter that are hitting the Videogame Market this Year. To make if simple we stay in the Genre and take a look at what Games are hitting the Consol Market:

    - Rage

    - Modern Combat 3

    - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    - Battlefield 3
    - Unnamed 3D Shooter Titles for iOS that can be found in the upcoming Section (iPhone/iPad)

    So what have those titles in common?

    No f******g WW 3D Shooter this Year on any Console. Strange isn`t it? It doesn`t matter at what Plattform you take a look, you won`t find a single WW 3D Shooter Game from any Major AAA Developer this Year. 

    So besides that at the End it also wouldn`t make sence for Gameloft to competitive it`s own 3D Shooter Games with each so i am very sorry for everyone who really had thought that March of Heroes and Modern Combat 3 would hit the iTunes Store at the same Time but it was clear from the Beginning that this wouldn`t happen.

    • asdfhj zxxvb

      MoH was set in the Cold War era, not WWII.
      In other words, GL was going for a Black Ops-like game.

  • theRPGNOOB

    Ya the game did not look that promising anyway and besides we had not heard anything in months about the game.

  • Iseptimus

    Potentially the graphics weren't going to be complete ass, only rubbish, so Gameloft did want to risk ruining their reputation by releasing it.  Also, they flogged the developers to death so they couldn't finish it.

  • Azvzhgfu

    For Gameloft there is no point selling two games with very similar themes. If one looks better or has a more wide known name than the other one then the focus is on that project. Simply as that.

  • Anonymous

    They cancelled it in favor of some zynga style garbage. True story.

  • Henshin2000

    Of course they cancelled it because the iphone is only for cheap games, maybe the game is expensive it would cost like a console

  • Declan466

    To be honest, I kinda saw this coming. Gameloft's usual style is announce the game's title in a flashy image, then release no info for a couple of weeks, the a trailer, an then a month later the game.

    With this one, we got the game's name, some beta gameplay from e3 and then...silence. I held hope for a month or two, then eventually accepted that it wouldn't be coming, and let's face it, it wouldn't be very good anyway.

    Don't get me wrong here, I buy their games, and they're good at what they do - making decent but not brilliant copys of console games we'd never see on iOS anyway (excluding battlefield, but we all know what a great game that was on iOS).

    • Declan466

      (Woot! Long comments FTW!)

  • Jobs PoweR

    maybe they have finally been sued for their game cloning all these years

    • A1

      Every game these days are "cloning" parts from other games. Every idea has been used before in some form or another. Wake up Nobby.

  • Colonel Jason

    so sad

  • Anon

    They probably cancelled it because they read all the bad comments on several forums about how cr@p it looked. I think the Unreal engine on IOS is highly overrated. Is there actually a game so far that looks amazing using Unreal compared to other engines ? Answer is NO there isn't. Everybody keeps basing the Unreal engine quality on a basic game called Infinity Blade where there is hardly any involvement in gameplay. You just swipe the screen a few times, watch a cutscene, tap to where you want to go next, watch a cutscene etc.
    "Citadel" was an empty town to walk around. No characters, no shooting effects, decals etc. If they added all that it would need at least the power of an Ipad 2 which would then narrow their sales market.

  • sneakysnake

    may be they will release it when iphone 5 came out..,, i think 😉

  • Med3182

    the real reason it was stopped: Moh: Medal of Honor 

  • Anonymous

    I would bet this is about royalties.  They didn't want to pay whatever the amt is to epic for licensing the engine and whatever the split is for # sold.  It fits with Gameloft's track record - like not putting their games on Android Market.

    • Zapa

      Actually, there are a few games from Gameloft, on the Android Market.