Before I explain what A Sharp’s King of Dragon Pass is and comment on the fact that an iOS version has been in the works and will release in September 2011, take a gander at some of these images and tell me that this doesn’t have the potential to be the greatest thing to ever grace the App Store this side of, oh I don’t know, Doodle Jump [$.99 / Free].

The three underneath shots are taken directly from the forthcoming iOS version. The first image is from the 1999 PC version. It's by far one of the best out-of-context video game screenshots I’ve seen in a long time. Dinosaur mounts, guys! Wow!

If you weren’t really into the PC game scene in 1999, you might not know what’s up with King of Dragon Pass. Boiled down, it’s a distinctive RPG in the loose traditional sense that manages to marry things like management and strategy. In it, you control a seven member clan in a quest to survive and thrive in a big world full of dangers and intrigue. Also, dinosaurs.

A Sharp announced the game a while ago and has been discussing its development over on its dedicated blog for around a year. It's a pretty good all-around resource for what's coming and it's also a neat look into the porting process. Speaking of that, keep in mind that this is an iPhone and iPod Touch title and not an iPad joint -- according to the dev, the original artwork is too small for the device and its time and money is limited. Maybe someday, eh?

  • FattyBrent

    No iPad makes me cry a little. This looks so cool, I guess I'll have to make some room on my old touch. 🙂

  • Aer2

    ditto on the no ipad, dislike iphone/itouch playing anymore, but might make an exception if this is cheap enough.  the small form factor shouldn't matter too much for this style of gameplay.

  • Jeremy Fox

    This game is set in the rich pen-and-paper fantasy RPG world of Glorantha. Here is an article on Dragon's Pass from the pen-and-paper RPG world.

  • David Dunham

    At least the game runs fine on iPad, I've done a lot of testing there.

    • lookmark

      Hey David, congrats on this upcoming release.  Hope KoDP gets the attention it deserves.

      I just notice on your site why an iPad version wasn't possible.  Ah, well.  I suppose  you don't still have the original art to rescan...

  • lookmark

    This is an incredible game.  A wee bit of a learning curve, but once you get into it, it's just brilliant, with great writing, and totally involving - it's a really unique blend of various elements.  Highly recommended.

    No iPad version, though?  : (  The artwork for this game is great and would perfect for an native iPad version - that's too bad.

  • Weaponthane

    KoDP is one of my favourite games ever, I'd just love to have it on iPad!

  • Zkline

    Just chiming in here to agree that this game is wonderful.  Glorantha is an excellent setting, and KoDP does it justice in so many ways.  There's really nothing else like it.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    As I recall back in the day on the PC it was a pretty decent game.  While the little story bits with multiple choices at the end might give it the appearance of some "Choose Your Adventure" type deal, as I recall it actually is much more stat driven, kind of like Football Manager, where there are no real right answers and whatever course of action you do choose will then be somehow checked against (even if not visibly so) your character/clan's relevant stats to determine its results.  So decent game with some replay but $10 does seem pretty high.

  • Nic Dafis

    Playing my first game of KoDP now, and it's got its teeth into me. I've always fancied a spell in Glorantha, but never had enough nerdfriends to play the RPG.