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Doodle Jump Takes PapiJump to the Next Level

Making it through our backlog of games, I ran across a nice little game called Doodle Jump [App Store] by Lima Sky. The game is clearly inspired by Sunflat’s classic PapiJump [App Store, Free] and I was ready to simply call it a PapiJump clone and be done with it.

But Lima Sky seems to have added a number of nice enhancements to the basic gameplay that takes the game to the next level. Sunflat tried to do this themselves with PapiJump Plus [App Store] but I found Doodle Jump’s enhancements far more successful.

The game plays exactly like PapiJump with the same feel and accelerometer sensitivity. Tilt your iPhone left and right and you can adjust the characters movement. Jumping on the platforms make you jump higher. With PapiJump, that was all there was to the game.

In Doodle Jump, brown platforms breakaway so you need to avoid those. Meanwhile, platforms with springs send you jumping much higher. Blue moving platforms quickly appear, as do enemies that must be shot (tap on the screen) or avoided. Eventually UFOs and blackholes appear to thwart your ascent.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of global high-score markers on the right side of the screen. As you ascend you can see who you are beating and can submit your score at the end.

Fans of Papi Jump who are looking for a little more will certainly enjoy this unofficial sequel.

App Store Link: Doodle Jump, $0.99