MEGA UPDATE: Our new iCade list is available right here at this link. Go check it out!

Turns out that assembling an iCade takes less time than finding good games for it. As I put the finishing touches on the monstrosity, I finally began thinking about what I would do with it once it was together. I had no clue. This is probably why my girlfriend hates me so much, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

If you’re familiar with our message board, then finding games that support the device is as simple as throwing in a search term. Sadly, the list our community is putting together isn’t showing up in a simple Google search. With this lone write-up, I’m hoping to kill two birds: I want to give everyone a solid starting point with their new machines, while also pointing out that our dudes in the trenches are doing a great job listing and evaluating the titles.

So, yeah, you’ve got an iCade and need some games. Here’s a handy list of a few, drawn from our iCade support thread.

iPhone Only

  • Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) [$.99]

Just real quick, I want to spotlight Velocispider, Match Panic, and Super Mega Worm -- all three of these games are greatly enhanced by the joystick and buttons that the iCade provides. Super Mega Worm in particular feels much more visceral, precise, and becomes much more entertaining as a result. Seriously, I’ve spent more hours with it today than I have since its original release in 2010.

Compared to the amount of games on the App Store, the game release line-up is still pretty thin, as you’ve probably observed from the above list. Our collective brains sincerely hope more studios get into the iCade and support it where it makes sense, as it really does add a previously unexplored layer of play in new and especially or older titles. Fingers crossed for a The Blocks Cometh [$.99] update. You know it makes sense, Halfbot!

UPDATE: Added several new games, including titles from Llamasoft and Orange Pixel. If you're a developer, feel free hit us up via our Tips line. Let's get your game on here!

  • farra

    I was just wishing for The Blocks Cometh iCade support yesterday. Even better would be getting Namco and Taito on board.

  • Danny Perski

    Mos Speedrun, Super Mega Worm, and The Blocks Cometh is all the inspiration I need to pick this up. 

  • Jim

    Hmm. I was under the impression Atari's Greatest Hits was supported.

    • Murderin Murphy

      I, too.

    • Brad Nicholson

      I don't consider that a game. It's more like a racket.

  • ErikVeland

    Excellent and much needed post. Hopefully this will entice more developers to get on board. Trust me, the WOM of my friends seeing and playing your game being played on my iCade can't be bought.

  • Streetsy _

    I really want to buy one of the iCade units. But until some games I play often, like Aralon, Doom, Dead Space, (Any 3d shooter really) Gesundheit, Puzzle Quest, Racing Games, Sports games... etc etc. Then I cant justify its place in my home. Even though It would make a great ornament. 🙂

    Its not just the arcade style games that would beneift from a hardware controller.

    • Eric Ma

      Yes, but the joystick on the iCade is purely digital.  It has on off switches, not degree of movement.  So FPS games would be pretty bad with it.

      • Anonymous

        Until analogue inputs are permitted, the hard buttons in combination with touchscreen would enhance at least some of those mentioned.

      • Streetsy _

        Aaaaah. Thanks for your comment. I didn't know it wasn't capable of analogue movement. Also dual sticks would be better for FPS. I was so tempted to buy one anyway, but Think Geek wont ship it outside of the US. 🙁

  • Morrison1

    Definitely interested in an icade. But only if it has a LOT more games supported.

  • Gabe Swarr

    That means all these games ALSO work with the iControlPad too!

    • Daniel Nord

      And for Gametel aswell 🙂

  • Kihon

    How could you overlook Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig)?     

    • Anonymous

      it's an iPhone game with iCade support, an accessory designed for the iPad. doesn't make sense.

      • Anonymous

        Can it not be run on the iPad (in 2x mode)?

  • Lorenzo Calleja

    Needs more Capcom IMO. If Street Fighter supported this I'd be all over it.

  • xionchannel

    HungryMaster supports iCade!

  • MJFox

    Space Inversion 2 doesn't seem to work with the iCade yet

  • Kevin Donovan

    Space inversion 2 update isn't out yet but its coming, I tested it, works great.

  • Edgar Vigdal

    I have just reduced the price on Warblade HD for the weekend! Now only $0.99!!

    - "The best game I have ever owned...... Period!!" - Terie Mumby

  • Black Hive Media

    "Arcade Jumper!" will now be launching with iCade support!  I whipped up a video of playing on the iCade here:

  • Booey

    FYI:  Flashback (iPhone game) now has iCade support.

  • Slamraman

    Flashback although it's an iPhone App works brilliantly. Never had an Amiga but it reminds me of Impossible Mission. Please, please be quick with iCade controls for the C64 App. Even if it's only Uridium I'll be happy.

  • Erik Veland

    Am I mistaken here or are many of these games not running in portrait mode? I can't get Match Panic, MOS Speedrun or Mega Worm to run in portrait at all making them useless with the iCade.

  • Erik Veland

    And neither does flashback. Look developers, I don't care if there's black bars on top and bottom, unless your game runs in portrait for the iCade, support is moot.

  • Erik Veland

    And neither does flashback. Look developers, I don't care if there's black bars on top and bottom, unless your game runs in portrait for the iCade, support is moot.

  • Slamraman

    They all work great on landscape with iCade. Beautiful, in fact. Portrait, landscape as long as it works I'm happy.

    • Johan Halin

      The thing is, it doesn't really "work" since the iPad doesn't fit the iCade cabinet in landscape.

  • technabob

    You guys seen this? Doesn't look as pretty as an iCade, but on the other hand it'll do a better job with landscape mode.

  • Anonymous

    is there a icade compatible PAC MAN game available?

    • Retr0Rob

      PACMAN is compatible. Also the downright excellent game Forget-Me-Not is a Pacman/Roguelike that works really well with iCade.

  • omar


  • Josh Barrow

    Mission 452, a retro-arcade game, has iCade support!