"Climb up, tryst with amorous billy goats, eat grass, give birth."

A little odd as the nutshell for an upcoming iOS title? To be sure. But, then, odd too is the game's hirsute developer, affectionately known as Yak. The title in question is Goat Goes Up by Jeff Minter of Llamasoft, who brought us Minotaur Rescue [link], Minotron: 2011 [link], and Deflex [link] for iOS.

The upcoming Goat Goes Up (a working title) is, according to Minter, inspired by several oldschool platformers, including the Atari 2600 title Man Goes Down, Nebulus, and Rainbow Island. And, as for the climbing, trysting, eating, and birthing, the developer indicates that the game in its final form will offer plenty more than that.

Minter recently posted a preview video of the game in early stages of development. The video below is a little rough, but represents the state of the title after just two days of coding.

UPDATE: Moments ago, Jeff Minter got back to me with a bit more detail about the upcoming title.

GGU is a simple but fun endless climbing game in which the objective is to raise a family of goats - literally, as high as you can. Platforms continuously scroll down and you have to keep climbing - the game ends if you get carried off the bottom of the screen. On the way you will meet billy goats with whom you can tryst. Meeting the billy goats makes you pregnant, and you have to eat grass to eventually produce a baby goat which follows you. Keep doing that to get more kids; more kids give you higher scores for the various bonus items that you can collect along the way. Various powerup collectibles help you as you climb.

On the journey you will pass through various zones, some of which refer to famous platform games from throughout history.

Simple and fun and despite the goat breeding theme actually quite innocent and lovely.

As well, he underscores the fact that the preview video was a very early sample and that the game has evolved significantly since it was released.

We'll be sure to share any further details we get about this one right away. Stay tuned.

  • Adams Immersive

    About time the platform saw a good old-school goat-mater.

  • http://www.facebook.com/madebymadison Madison Fotografie

    Nebulus without the enemies and elevators.

  • Harlequin

    There will be enemies. Not so sure about lifts.

  • Aa

    This game uis a rip off of the game "miner 2049er". Minter is a hack, and has never made anything original. Hey minter, put some effort into it.

    • Anonymous

      I kind of get that impression looking at his backlog of games.  Dude can sneeze and people will think it's the next best thing.  How does he STILL have a following?

      • Bb

        Because he actually creates games that are fun to play instead of wasting time being a dick on the Internet like you.

    • Steve

      Miner 2049er's primary play mechanic only looks like this. This game doesn't seem at all dependent on "covering" the level. And if it does end of being just like it what does it matter? iOS is drowning in knockoff games. This will just be another drop in the ocean.

      So.... when is your totally original game coming out?

      • Joblow

        C'mon. He gives credit to the (obscure) games which inspired this one, and Miner 2049er isn't one of them. May as well call it a rip-off of Doodle Jump. So what if it's another endless jumper - the graphics of these games set them apart from the pack. And no, I'm not high.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing like Miner 2049. The goat looks to be mowing through chunks of grass set on a rotational cylinder (reminds me of Nebula). The ancient coin-op classic Make Trax has more in common with Miner 2049, as it involved "painting" the landscape to move on to the next level. I believe Make Trax was out first.  Then there was a game called Bristles, which definitely borrowed from Miner 2049 as it too involved painting the level to complete. Hey, and Miner 2049 uses platforms or planks  -- like Donkey Kong.  Oh and thanks to Space Invaders for giving us every bullet hell shooter we see today.

      Jeff has a quirky style which has its audience, the same way GameLoft who rarely produce anything original does.

    • PVB

      "Never"?  You should check his games list and there's a lot that are original. e.g. Deflex, Headbangers Heaven, Hover Bovver, Laser Zone, Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, Ancipital, Sheep In Space, Batalyx, etc., and that's just between 1981 and 1985.

    • Harlequin

      I suspect it might contain more 'Jet Set Willy' than 2049er 🙂

    • Bb

      Miner 2049er was a game that depended on finding an effective way to clear each individual level by covering every section of platform without error.  Urgency came from having to complete each level in a specific timeframe.  This game has no discrete levels, and the urgency arises from the continuous progress of the scrolling game area; nor is there any obligation to cover every section of platform.  Objectives are present which are not there in 2049er in the form of needing to find other goats and create a family.

      There are many other subtle differences - such as the fact that falling more than a small distance in 2049er was fatal, whereas here one can jump and fall through much greater distances without harm.

      If anyone needs to "put more effort in" it is surely Aa, whose seeming enjoyment of whining like a pussy in public is matched only by a towering ignorance of game design.

  • Joblow

    Wow - I thought it looked pretty cool, especially after only two days
    coding. Never heard of "Miner 2049er" but the youtube videos look pretty
    sweet. The also look rather different from the demo shown here...

  • mike

    Game looks nice.

  • Macaroon

    I liked his first iOS game. Wasn't totally enamored with the last two. Not sure if I want to bite this time, although it's hard to resist...

  • Anonymous

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  • http://twitter.com/SteampunkCafe Matt Turpin

    I'll buy anything if it's psychedelic, 2600 inspired, and prominently features even-toed ungulates -- doubly so if it's made by one.

  • Evan

    I love Minotron: 2011. I love the look of his graphics in his games. I wish he would make his version of Tempest for the iPad.

  • Groove Stomp