The TouchArcade Show – 12 – A Calculator Watch Kind of Guy

In this week’s episode of the TouchArcade Show, the cast and crew manage to stay on the topic of “new games” for quite awhile. Never you fear, though, because somehow, someway, conversations about message board rage, shed repair, the look of constipation, podcast production, and other random subjects crop up. Oh! And we also dig into more next-next-next generation console tin-foil hat talk. You know you love it.

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As you’ll notice, listener Aarni threw us some official Kitty Korner music because he’s awesome. Everyone should thank him for his sacrifice! Also, while we’re on the subject of e-mail deliveries, we’re still on the search for great e-mails to feature on the show. If you’ve got a comment or dating advice, send us a mail at [email protected]

Now, for the show notes:



  • Sushi Cat [$.99]