In this week’s episode of the TouchArcade Show, the cast and crew manage to stay on the topic of “new games” for quite awhile. Never you fear, though, because somehow, someway, conversations about message board rage, shed repair, the look of constipation, podcast production, and other random subjects crop up. Oh! And we also dig into more next-next-next generation console tin-foil hat talk. You know you love it.

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As you’ll notice, listener Aarni threw us some official Kitty Korner music because he’s awesome. Everyone should thank him for his sacrifice! Also, while we’re on the subject of e-mail deliveries, we’re still on the search for great e-mails to feature on the show. If you’ve got a comment or dating advice, send us a mail at

Now, for the show notes:



  • Sushi Cat [$.99]


  • Jcman7

    WOO! I was waiting for the podcast all day 🙂 Its my favorite part of the week

  • Xian

    Another great podcast. Any chance you guys can interview F5 Games on an episode? 

  • StephenD

    Just listened to this. Funny fact: My dad actually did work at Nintendo for a few years. It ended badly... one of his bosses framed him for some internal leak or something and he had to quit. I was never allowed to own a Nintendo console for most of my childhood. To this day he grimaces when I mention the name.

    • Brad Nicholson

      No doubt? Did you ever tell the other kids your dad worked at Nintendo?

      • StephenD

        lol no I never did. Talk about a missed opportunity!

      • Brad Nicholson

        Dude, yeah! Man, that would have been tops. Some other kid would be like, "Yeah, but my dad works at Nintendo" and you could come in and dash his lie's head against the wall with, "My dad actually does work there."

  • App Symmetry

    Just got Sushi Cat... AWESOME game!!! =oD

    Thank you for making it the Kitty Corner game of the week! =oD

  • Anonymous

    Check out for daily iPhone App Reviews, delivered each morning before breakfast!

  • Danielyso

    Just wanted to say thanks for these podcasts. I just started working for Gamevil without much knowledge of the mobile gaming industry and these podcasts have really helped me familiarize myself with the field. You've got yourselves a fan out here in SK. Keep it up and I'll look forward to your podcasts!