It’s been so long since we’ve heard anything about Square Enix’s iOS port of the PlayStation classic Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions that I was starting to wonder if they really did announce it back at E3 2010 or if I merely dreamt the whole thing up.

The last news we officially heard about the game was back in December when Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Tactics, which had missed its intended September 15th release, was now slated for a much more vague “Spring 2011” date. Seeing as the end of Spring is fast approaching and there’s been no updates on the title’s progress, some have started to wonder whether the release of this highly anticipated title would slip once again.

Today Square Enix has finally broken their silence and announced on their Facebook page that yes, Final Fantasy Tactics likely won’t be making its Spring debut as promised, but instead will be released shortly after in “late June to mid-July”.

I guess if you’re the ultimate optimist, it conceivably still could make Spring if it somehow hits on the very last day, June 21st, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Still, having a clearer idea of when the game will launch is appreciated. Plus, Square Enix have released a new batch of screens, which I’ll go ahead and let you check out for yourself:

Another interesting tidbit that Square Enix has shared is that the game will be getting an iPad native release, and that one of their artists is actually redrawing much of the art in 1024x768 resolution so that it looks nice and sharp on the screen of the iPad.

Because of this extra work, you can expect the iPad version to launch sometime after the iPhone/iPod touch version. No word on if the artwork that is being redrawn in high resolution will also make its way to the smaller screen in the form of Retina Display support, though I would certainly hope so.

Mark your calendars and clear some free time in the “late June to mid-July” window for the long-awaited release of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, and drop by the massive thread in our forums to share in the anticipation with your fellow gamers.

  • Anonymous

    Freaking awesome!  Can wait to experience this game again on my iPad. I haven't played this game since it's release on the PS1 and missed out on the PSP remake so I'm extremely excited to see what improvements have been made.

  • Zaraf

     Well, those screenshots don't look too great.  They say they are redrawing it and stuff, but the screenshots look pretty dated.  Was hoping for at least a reworking of the sprites with some HD artwork.  Oh well, it's better than nothing 😉

    • Michael A. Robson

      "Was hoping for at least a reworking of the sprites with some HD artwork. "

      That's what this is. It's the original artwork (identical) in full res 

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow! You mean, they're not just making an iPad version, but they're even going to grace us with iPad-level art in this iPad version? Amazing!

    We're over a year from the launch of the iPad. Why is this not expected? Particularly of a huge company like Square. Same for the doubt over Retina support. And they've worked on this how long?

    Oh and let me guess: it's not Universal, the iPad version is scheduled for Spring 2012, and it will cost twice as much?

    The big devs like Square and EA deserve to get their shirts eaten by the indies on iOS.


    • ceolwulf

      I agree with the implied complaints in your third paragraph, but I can't imagine porting Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 3 to Objective-C was an easy feat. I'm surprised they've ported so many games so far! (if they can get TWEWY in the App Store, I'd buy it a hundred times)

  • randomdude

    the event1 screen is kinda PROVOCATIVE :p

  • Deamon34

    It should say "Because of this extra work, you can expect the iPad version to cost a hell of a lot more then the iphone version" 

  • Anonymous

    My biggest concern for the iPhone version is the controls. If it's touch controls the smaller screen may cause some troubles when trying to select stuff. Hopefully there will be a dpad and buttons option just in case.

  • Wisedude

     I know this game has it's fans and everything but I honestly don't think it holds a card to jeanne de'arc or digaea that said IOS needs this game there seems to be a lack of really deep in depth strategy games. Still wish it was Jeanne De'arc though that has to be one the most underrated games ever made.

  • Anonymous

    That upscaling is blurry as hell, I'd rather they went with nearest neighbor and to hell with a few misplaced pixels.

  • Anonymous

    Hells yes!  I'm having an iPad delivered to me today (any minute now ...) so the news of redone art of the iPad made me scream like a little girl.

    Is this going to be the PSP version with the good translation or the original?  

  • Vova_1989

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  • Anonymous

     This is actually good news for me as I'm back logged with games as it is and an ipad version would suit me a million times better so win/win for some of us.

    • Anonymous

      You're backlogged with games so what you really want is a game that'll take up countless hours of your time? 😛

      • Anonymous

        Just saying I have time to clear out my backlog a bit. And Tactics in no way takes countless hours I've blazed it very quickly before.

  • Mobile Gamer BR

    cut scene? maybe not! Remember FFIII on iPhone..

  • ceolwulf

     I hope they release the iPad version at the same time as the iPhone version... played FFIII for a month only to have the iPad version come out and no way for me to transfer saves. Would have gladly bought the iPad version if I could have continued from where I left off!

  • iPadGamer

    Thanks for the update.  I've been wondering what happened to this.

  • EastsideStompers

    Why do Squeenix keep 'teasing' us with these terrible screenshots? What possible good does it do them?

  • Boo-urn

     Excellent!!! I now know ahead of time that I won't be buying this game.

  • Michael A. Robson

     "and that one of their artists is actually redrawing much of the art in 1024×768 resolution so that it looks nice and sharp on the screen of the iPad"

    Why do you let them get away with this sh*t... "redrawing" Its a video game... Look at the artwork. Obviously the original artwork was drawn by hand, and they have super high quality versions of it, and it was scaled down for PS/GBA versions. Obviously. For them to just 'use the high end imagery' takes no extra time, it just means the app will be much bigger.

    This is a BS excuse.

    • LeeDot

       Ok, first off War of the Lions came out four years ago so it's entirely possible that if the original art was all done in physical media that it's since been lost. 

       Secondly while it was no doubt drawn 'by hand' it was probably done using a wacom tablet or the like so the work never existed in a physical format free of resolution constraints. At bare minimum any analogue art that was used was heavily edited once it was scanned it so in which case, yes, they'd have to manually recreate higher resolution artwork in that case as well.

      • Michael A. Robson

        Right, of course!! We're lookling at the high-res art in the post. It takes about 5 minutes to scan it into the computer. There's nothing NEW here, except with updated hardware, they're able to use higher res graphics. 

        I'm just saying: the 'work' they're talking about takes a few minutes, not a few months, since its the same game, just at a higher res. I just think it's a lie, and that they're just slowly working on this thing, because (as we know) they're not just working on one game, they're working on about 20 iphone games.

        The problem is... eh, I only want one, most of them are junk.

  • Jake Haas

    Here's hoping they can knock out some of the lag that plagued the PSP version. I love that one, otherwise. Despite having bought the original PS versions and the PSP version, I might just have to get this on my iPad as well, just for the sake of being able to play of my favorite strat games without my PSP handy.

    It'd be great if they incorporate pinch/zoom and rotate with two fingers to move the battle scene around. Tap and drag to move/attack, etc.

  • Arcang54

    HOPE is back and Vincent Martella is the voice!!