Last December, Firemint wowed everybody by releasing Real Racing 2 [$6.99], the sequel to their popular racing sim that originally hit in Summer of 2009. We had no problem awarding Real Racing 2 5 stars in our review, calling it the “king of iOS racing games”. One thing we weren’t sure of, however, and something that many players in our forums and elsewhere had been wondering about, was if there would be a Real Racing 2 for the iPad.

Firemint since confirmed that it was in the works, and part of the hold up was seeing what Apple’s plans were for the iPad 2 which was announced last week and is available starting today.

Well, just like clockwork, and echoing the original iPad’s release, Real Racing 2 HD [$9.99] has launched just in time to be one of the flagship titles for the new iPad 2. Firemint claims that Real Racing 2 HD is optimized for both the original iPad and the extra performance muscle of the iPad 2, so should serve as a great title to show off your shiny new toy should you be picking up an iPad 2 later today.

  • Salsamd

    • Gorgeous, high-fidelity graphics on iPad 2: full-screen anti-aliasing, building window reflections, high-detail objects and surfaces and fully-modeled vehicle interiors

    • iPad 2 gyroscope support for exceptional steering and handling

  • Barefoot

    Dead Space also updated for ipad2.


  • ImNoSuperMan

    Insta Frigging Buy!!

  • Scoops

    That looks fantastic. Imagine it is even better with the bigger display. Makes the iPhone seems cramped despite its retina display.

  • Samuel Chua

    Will the gameplay storyline be any different from the iphone counterpart? I have the iphone 4 version still considering if i should get the ipad's version.

    • LBG

      What storyline? I haven't played the iPad version, but I'd assume it's exactly the same as the iPhone version (except for the optimised iPad graphics).

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to buy this not only to have a good showcase iPad 2 game, but also because these are some of the best iOS developers out there 🙂 Great games optimized for just about every IOS platform out there and constant free updates to their apps.

  • Fygo

    Firemint should declare this game ipad 2 only, that's how bad it looks on 1st gen ipad. Very disappointing...