The TouchArcade staff has been busy traveling and preparing for what is sure to be a busy week at GDC, but this little bit of news is definitely worth a mention as it's sure to get some of our non-iPad owning readers excited. On Friday, 2D Boy officially announced on their blog (again) that World of Goo will be coming to the iPhone and iPod touch. You may remember that World of Goo was originally announced for the iPhone back in late 2009. That version never materialized, however, and after more than a year of wondering what may come of World of Goo for iOS the game finally did release for the iPad last December.

After seeing an incredible amount of success with the iPad version of World of Goo, 2D Boy has gone back to work at getting the game primed and ready for a smaller screen debut. Speaking of smaller screens, 2D Boy promises that the World of Goo works really well despite having less screen real estate, but they have implemented a pinch-to-zoom feature to make sure that the gameplay is as accessible as it can be.

We gave the iPad version of World of Goo 5 stars in our review and even picked it as our iPad Game of the Year for 2010. The touch screen ended up feeling more natural to the gameplay than any previous version of the game, and I'd imagine that it should translate very well to the iPhone and iPod touch too. 2D Boy gives a very non-comittal response of "hopefully sometime in March" in regards to a release date, but we'll definitely be keeping our eyes on its development and bring you more information on World of Goo for iPhone in the near future.

  • Fredrik Jackson

    Will it be a different app, or will it get an update so it works on both?

    • Jared Nelson

      They don't really say one way or the other, but my money is on it being a separate app.

    • Tysonhemelstrand

      2D Boy said it will be a universal app, so if you already have the iPad version (like I do, despite not owning an iPad, I bought it to support 2D Boy) Just check for an update in iTunes, and it will then appear in the "iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad" section of your apps, instead of being in the "iPad apps" section.

  • Gwet17

    ****ing YEAH!!!! I thought this wouldn't happen!!!! And in March?!?! WOW!

    • Gwet17

      Oops, sorry for the double-post.

    • Gwet17

      Oh crap, I just realized how much money I'm gonna be out of by the end of March. Rainbow 6, Death Rally, etc.
      I'm sure there are others I can't think of...

  • Anonymous

    I hope they just make the current one universal, I don't like buying games twice.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, but I'm honestly not interested in playing this on the iPhone anyway, so I guess personally I'm not too concerned. It's perfect for sitting at home on the big screen.

      Anyway, given that they recently changed the name of the iPad version to World of Goo HD, I'm assuming this won't be universal.

      • Stirolak26

        Thats why the ipad is so much better for gsming thsn an iphone, ds, psp etc. Just because of its awesome large and hd screen. The colors are also so beutiful and bright on it.

  • Anonymous

    It should be interesting to see how well this works. Some of the later levels can be fairly hectic and I imagine having to zoom in and out while simultaneously keeping a bridge from toppling over would be quite difficult.

  • Robotron2084


    Make it universal, please! I already bought the iPad version and I don't even own an iPad yet!

  • jare0674

    I don't know if I want to play through this game again, I already played through the wii version, why can't they make a new one instead of ports.

  • Trump Network

    My 11 year old will be so happy. But now I'll never get my iPad back. Between this and Angry Birds, I'm doomed

  • Jimmy Gunawan

    Isn't this World of Goo already out for iOS by ages now?

  • HHh

    Any word on this release? Still shooting for march? We're running out of Thursday's...

  • yanhua wu


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