The update features Retina Display graphics and 60fps on iPad and 4th generation devices, Game Center integration for high scores, and other performance optimizations and fixes. Significantly, this update appears to have finally fixed the long standing problem of stuttering and choppiness on 3rd generation devices. Canabalt running at a rock solid 60fps with Retina Display graphics is a sight to behold, and the game is now crisper and smoother than I ever imagined it could be. Game Center integration is nice for comparing scores with my buddies, but sadly there are no achievements included at this time.

With so many running games available, it had been a while since I fired up Canabalt. But playing it today to check out the new features reminded me why it's one of the best in the genre. The simplicity and elegance is unmatched, and my goodness do I love the music. If you own a copy of Canabalt make sure to grab the latest update, and if you have yet to pick it up it's currently still on sale for just 99¢.


Recently, Majic Jungle announced that a version of Chopper 2 would be coming to the Mac App Store, and in keeping with the innovative technical features of the iOS version, the Mac version will be able to be controlled using the iOS version of the game with an iPhone or iPod touch, which is demonstrated in the video below. Today, the update went live for Chopper 2 in the App Store that adds this functionality to the game in anticipation of the Mac App Store launch this Thursday.

Not to be overshadowed in this latest update is the inclusion of Game Center integration with a number of online leaderboards and 56 achievements to unlock, as well as a few minor bug fixes in the game. To celebrate the launch of Chopper 2 on Mac, the universal iOS version is currently on sale for just 99¢. Additionally, the Mac version of the original Chopper can now be downloaded for free from the Majic Jungle website, which is a neat bonus. Make sure to update your iOS copy of Chopper 2 and be looking for the game to launch alongside the Mac App Store this Thursday.

  • Владимир Онищенко

    Nice Canabalt update!

  • Phil Baxter

    60fps at last for Canabalt. Should have ran at 60 right from launch of course... but better late than never.

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