We'd like to extend our thanks to TouchArcade forum user Crex who worked tirelessly over the holidays to put together an epic thread. Originally asking everyone to list their top games of 2010, Crex went through and compiled the top ten games in to a poll which closed last night.

Epic Games' Infinity Blade [$5.99] put up a fight, but in the end, the unofficial TouchArcade Forums Game Of The Year award goes to Crescent Moons' ambitious and expansive open-world RPG Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD [$6.99] for the iPhone and iPad.

Aralon grabbed the award with 22.8 percent of our user votes in the unofficial message board poll. Infinity Blade came in second with 20.15 percent, while Real Racing 2 [$9.99] was third with 14.6 percent.

In our review, we noted that Aralon is unlike any other experience you'll have on the iOS so far. In brief, the game is wicked big and boasts tons of customization, quests, and areas of interest. Solid character movement, helpful quest logs, and the game's combat are just some of its other positive features that our forum readers have come to love.

Aralon is a Galoobeth Games joint, but back in May, Crescent Moon stepped in and gave the RPG a well-document makeover, helping generate even more interest in our upcoming games thread, as it reached more views than any other thread in TA forums history. Now that it's out, the threads on Aralon continue to grow.

Crescent Moon is still working on Aralon, by the way, and our message board is undoubtedly proving vital. The studio is implementing forum suggestions and is obviously dedicated to listening to what you guys have to say. Keep it up! Also, congrats to Aralon and Crescent Moon!

  • Paradiso

    I think Aralon deserves the recognition, but this poll was not exactly fair. I wouldn't say the thread was epic either, as it highlighted the fact that enforcing the rules isn't a priority here. And I inadvertently skewed the results myself when I posted a link to the poll in the Aralon thread, and not the IB thread till later. Congrats to both games though, for being good in different ways.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JZIZ6NLYZDGC52DL4QEVBIALMU Hackmodford


    • BRAMSEY89


  • Noman

    I didn't vote in this since I didn't have either game, but now that I've played both my vote would go to infinity blade.

  • Klazuz

    Does Aralon have the same type of gameplay as Fallout 3?

    • Dahak

      No, but somewhat similar. It is best described as an N64-era Legend of Zelda game, but with full RPG features (character creation, classes, skills, etc.). It lacks the NPC development and interconnected quest structure of Fallout 3, so falls somewhat short of the "Oblivion-lite" phrase that has been floated about.

    • Hammer

      Yes it's the same as a dual core xbox360 game. NOT. Lol what do you think 😉 not even a fair comparison.

      • tsj5j

        There's a difference between gameplay and graphics.

  • Hammer

    I own and love both games but totally agree with Aralon winning this title. Aralon is truly a milestone achievement for an IOS game. No doubt it raised the bar for all future RPG games 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grant-Butler/529725117 Grant Butler

    If the iPhone 4 screen was bigger then I'd play it, I mean Apple need to make a 4.3 inch one for the iPhone 5. The problem with the tiny screen is I'm straining my eyes looking at it for a long time and the controls are all so packed together.

    • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

      iPad. Just sayin'.

      • http://twitter.com/Ryeleyk Ryeley Kuykendall


  • Stevearm

    Am I the only one who, having seen the William Webb Ellis trophy, assumed the post was about a brilliant new rugby game?

    • Ronald McDonald

      Yes. You are the only one.

    • AB Fan

      ha ha. Go The All Blacks in 2011

  • TheFrost

    how can such an unpolished game ends up winning the GOTY award? it still has so many errors, not to speak of the horrible fighting, for me its Infinity Blade and second Cut the Rope

    • Jep

      Agreed. No way game this buggy and unfinished should be called game of a year. I would have loved to love Aralon, but let´s face it, the game sucks as it is.

      • http://twitter.com/1Varo Novaro

        Sucks? It's not perfect but saying that it sucks is a little bit harsh

  • Anonymous

    Infinity Blade was more polished, and really brought iPhone games to a new level, graphically, contextually (controls), and socially.

  • Mielbiu

    ...also gets the awards for Most Overhyped and Biggest Letdown. At least we know which game has the most fan-persons at T.A. I just can't like the game it's ugly, unwieldy, buggy, repetitive and hostile to the player in many ways. I feel it is a big let down that a game I would describe this way comes out on top. Polls are dead the people are asleep.

  • Eev

    just lol.

  • Paulo011

    Aralon may be unpolished. But ugly. Its an iPod not an xbox 360 if you want better graphics try getting a new device... Also even though it is unpolished you say aralon is repetitive?????? And you have played infinity blade right??? A game based on repeating the exact same boring combat sequences over and over??? For the price aralon is by far the best game available on the device and who cares if it's slightly buggy its still better and the ass wipe material that is infinity blade.

    • Iosgtclist

      I'm sorry Paulo011 but I'm so offended. The iOS is comparable to PS3 and Xbox 360 and that is proven by Infinity Blade. Aralon is closer to a PS1 or Xbox game in terms of Graphics and gameplay. Aralon brought nothing new in 2010. It mimics games such as Oblivion and Raven Sword.

      Gameplay and graphics demonstrated in Infinity Blade has never been done before. Playing on the Subway spectators reply with "Awesome". Giving them my iDevice to play Infinity Blade they respond with " I've never played a game like this before."

      Aralon is a clone of what's done before and Infinity Blade is a leap of faith in a new direction. That alone makes it Game of the Year imo.

      • Liquidmutiny

        iosgtclist is liquidmutiny. this is my first time posting in comments with the new system. See how angry this game of the year thing made me?

      • Paulo011

        Wow how wrong you are... Was the only person you showed you idevice to on the subway a black dude who said AWESOME a dumb whitey and then proceeded to steal the aforementioned Idevice.

      • liquidmutiny

        Paulo011 come on, I thought you were somewhat intelligent. I was hoping for some good old fanboy banter back and forth about two well made games. That comment shows me that responding to this was just a waste of time. Thanks toucharcade.

    • CharlieTuna

      INFINITY BLADE didnt need to be put on a new device to achieve amazing graphics.

      INFINITY BLADE, REAL RACING 2, N.O.V.A. 2 all blow away Aralon. Its not even close.

      By the way toucharcade, wheres your reviews for :

      N.O.V.A. 2
      NBA ELITE 11

      Come one T.A. you guys falling off. Lets get with it.

      • Canton1125

        do you even own aralon? it blows all those games away... it has much more gameplay and a fantastic open world environment... gameloft just mass produces garbage games content wise for a profit... and i do own all these games

      • SoccerFan232

        Nova 2 is extremely repetitive it offers hardly any improvements... plus the graphics are bad

      • Paulo011

        Agreed those games mentioned may have better graphics but when you comepare the polycount rendered tO display an open world environment to the ploycount of a small linear area then you see why sealing map size is approximately 40 times larger than any of the games mentioned by this Charlie tuna person.

      • Eddie

        Blind fanboys. Nobody but programmers care about the polycount and the map size. You should adapt the game to the polycount, like Samurai 2 Vengeance did brilliantly, and stop asking players to accept the game's obvious shortcomings just because "it's on iPhone".

      • Ugh

        I cannot believe all the blind fanboy crap about Aralon. I honestly don´t get how everyone can love that unfinished piece of crap, no matter how great it could have been if it wasn´t for the chrismas market or what ever deadlines Crescent Moon decided they neede to hit. Nice try, but it still sucks.

      • Anonymous

        They have one for Guardian of Light.

    • Jep

      I don´t want better graphics.

      I just want a game that actually works. CM could have finished Aralon, instead of releasing it too soon, but now it is a buggy game with somewhat empty game world with quite little to do in the end.

  • DeadClown

    Hey, I absolutely adore Aralon.

    But Plants vs. Zombies should have !@#$%ing won.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000797981241 Dora Breckinridge

    I was... kind of surprised and disappointed by this. While from a technical and visual standpoint for an iOS game, Aralon is impressive, I found it kind of mediocre. It's trying to be an Elder Scrolls game, but doesn't have any of the writing or character to really pull it off. I think both Infinity Blade and Aralon have lots of potential, but neither of them really do enough to qualify as "Game of the Year" for me personally.

  • Crex

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is MY Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Mr SadCnut

    So ... some people like a game. Some people like other games. That's the story. That is the whole story. And in other news, it's freezing cold and they haven't collected my bins for two weeks because of the weather. Excuse me for having realistic priorities.

  • Paulo011

    Atlases your not an ass who runs his tap on full whilst laughing an a pack on thirsty africans... Cause those guys are crazy.

  • GiHubb

    My game of the year is the little hidden gem called Solomon's Keep. It's just a fantastic game that I spent more time with than most retail console games.

    As for Infinity Blade getting the praise it gets all over - has the world gone mad?? Can't people see this is an over glorified yet inferior Punch Out game? It's the sad decline of videogames where graphics are preferred over gameplay. I really just don't get it. At least Punch Out had fluid gameplay, this is just a simple and repetitive game with flashy graphics. Cool tech demo for sure, but not much more. Well, at least it was better than Rage. But don't get me started on that...

    • Silentcorp

      I can't possibly roll my eyes as much as needed in response to this post.

      So Infinity Blade is an "inferior" Punch Out game? Of course we all remember leveling up Little Mac back in the day, spending hours and hours with friends unlocking his next set of boxing gloves and leveling those up as well. I LOVED the parts in Punch Out where you gain cash and buy new equipment, and the moveset in PO was so much more robust. In IB you can only dodge left right, and have a strong/light attack!!!!

      Oh wait.....

  • Silentcorp

    I'd give Aralon the most Ambitious game of the year, but overall GotY? How anyone can call a broken game, with this many bugs the "best of the year" is beyond me.

    It's brilliant for the platform, but rather than progressing the platform it just tries to ape whats already being done in the console realm. I much prefer companies like Chair and ID that think about the hardware first and foremost, and then make a game to fit it like a glove rather than jamming a western console RPG onto a phone when clearly not all of it makes the translation.

    Just my two cents!

  • Don

    Aralon is good but it seems a bit unfinished. Luckly the developers are listening to feedback. Overall; Infinity Blade, Cut the Rope, Game Dev Story or Real Racing 2 deserved game of the year.

  • EastsideStompers

    Sometimes I wonder if iDevice gamers are a part of the very forefront of portable gaming, or are just digging around the bottom of the barrel. These two games (Aralon and Infinity Blade) show massive potential, but both have huge gaping flaws. Aralon has, apparently, more bugs you can shake a stick at, which is a shame because it is definitely the more appealing game of the two imo, and IB, which seems very iDevice-sentric and yet at the same time seems to be a very pretty but ever so slightly dull linear experience with an in-app gold purchase system that reaks of cash-in. Both are 'wait for sale' games for me.

  • Guess

    In other news .. fat 12 year olds die due to too much $#1+ in their pants from playing on their iPod Touches and ordering hot pockets all day from their mothers.

  • San D

    A game named Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was released in 2010.

  • San D

    A game named Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was released in 2010.

  • Anonymous

    I've found the update fixes most of the bugs I encountered in the launch version of Aralon. I'm loving it. I put Infinity Blade down at about level 30-something, and haven't played it since getting stuck into Aralon. I've lost count of the hours I've sunk into this awesome RPG.

    • Guessst

      Even after update fixes some bugs, it doesn´t change the other thing that was left unfinished: lack of actual content in that wonderfully huge but very empty game world.

      Aralon is populated with characters repeating same lines over and over and over again, and after start there are very few side quests and the whole storyline seems somehow vague and unfinished... after I save the world, from some, uh, demon in disguise (not really much more information about what was all that about), the king says hello, citizen, hello, citizen, hello citizen, over and over again. I kill the king and guards attack me. How is this supposed to feel like a living game world? Generally, in addition to few books in the library, there is hardly any information about what the heck this whole place is.

      And is it just because I don´t speak goblinese, but there´s a village, full of goblins talking with weird squeaking noises, but opening only empty dialogue boxes? Somehow this just leaves me with an impression that they were so busy crafting the huge game world that nobody had time to fill it with characters, stories, side quests and all that stuff that actually makes the world feel real?

      • http://twitter.com/1Varo Novaro

        There are tons of sidequests available from as early as the first village! What game have you been playing?

  • Jwenv

    Good choice. As flashy as some other games' graphics are, Aralon sets a new level for games on all mobile phones. Game of the Year.

  • backtothis

    Some people seriously need to work on their learning skills. This isn't TA's game of the year. It even says 'unofficial.' This post is a result of a forum poll of a few hundred members. Just take it easy. I'm not sure how the hell it affects you in any way what the game of the year is when TA picks their official one. Everything is just an opinion.

    • Susubotak

      These nominated games had potential, but the award seems to have had only two categories of selection in mind for its nomination: graphics race (to the level of the platform) and concepts copied from the big consoles. My guess is that some folks would have wished for a more encompassing competition that would have included stability of software, level of polish, creativity, artistic innovation, originality of gameplay, cleverest way to use the touch screen, most sales or most popular, blah blah blah

  • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

    Aralon did nothing for me. It was just too unfinished, too rough, too buggy. Ambition is all very well but you have to have the talent and time to see it through, which Avalon did not.

    Game of the year for me then, at least on iOS, was Game Dev Story. Ultra basic graphics but just so addictive. Honourable mentions too for Crimson Gem Saga, Infinity Blade, Rage HD, Mushihime-sama, Dodonpachi, and Reckless Racing.

  • Sandalfo

    I own Aralon, Infinity Blade and Real Racing 2. I think those three games are fantastic, and i am playing them at the same time. I have played through infinity blade so now i will devote my time to the two others. iPhone really is THE mobile platform to play with (i own DS and PSP too)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cat-Astrophy/100000838113704 Cat Astrophy

    Casual games are always going to be the biggest seller and the most polished and addictive ones deserve top mention. The problem here is that TA has a bias where they want to pressure developers to turn this into a mini-console and so they pretend like other massive dominators in the app store didn't exist.

    At least they said Unofficial...

  • Darius' Pantaloons

    I clocked Aralon as a Ranger and rather enjoyed the game. Not a big RPG nut, and don't have an Xbox etc. I played it on an iPhone 4 and the way I see it is that this is the first of these scale games for iOS platform. They'll come into their own around the iPhone 5 or 6 as the 'redraw/draw distance' for Aralon needed lots more work. Too often I'd wander towards an open plain only to realise the game hadn't drawn the mountain that was really there...

    Still was good fun to play this and it ended up distracting me from my efforts over the Xmas break to defeat the God King.