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Trendy Entertainment Teases ‘Dungeon Defenders’ PvP Arena

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While we weren’t too crazy about Dungeon Defenders: First Wave [$2.99] in our review, we have no problem getting behind any developer committed to continually supporting their games. We’ve already posted about Trendy Entertainment’s intentions to add completely cross-platform multiplayer, and on Christmas Eve, they released this teaser trailer for Dungeon Defenders: Arena.

Trendy is referring to the arena as a “PvP expansion", so we’re not really sure quite yet whether this is going to be a free update, a whole new app, or some kind of DLC. We hope with all of these feature additions they have time to address some of the control issues, as once all of these Dungeon Defenders updates hit, we’re going to have an iOS game on our hands with an insane feature set.

For more information on Dungeon Defenders, check out the game’s thread in our forum. Alternatively, if you’ve already got the game and are just looking for people to play with, we’ve got a thread for that too.

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