'Tis the season of giving, and in recognition of this six independent iOS developers have banded together to not only give you a great deal on their games, but also give some cheer to less fortunate gamers around the world. From December 21st to December 31st, 6 games will be available individually on the App Store for just 99¢ each, one of which has notoriously never been on sale before: Canabalt. It's all for a good cause, though, as one-third of all total sales earned during this promotion period will be donated to Child's Play Charity, an organization that collects video games, toys, books, money, and more for children who are spending time ill in hospitals throughout North America and the world.

Here is a list of App Store links to the 6 games that are 99¢ as part of the Indie sale along with links to each developer's website and our review for each game:

I could easily talk about each of these games at great length, but the bottom line is that they are all superb games in their own right and are all worth owning if you don't already. Even if you do own some of them, it wouldn't be a bad idea to gift them to some of your iOS owning family and friends while they're on sale, and you can feel good knowing you've contributed to helping kids in need during the Holiday season. You can visit the Indiesale.com website for some more information about the promotion, as well as a link to some bonus wallpapers and ringtones from these developers.

  • Chrono Gear

    Just bought Cannabalt and Drop7. How can you say no to donating when you're getting a great game in exchange? Thanks devs for making the decision so easy!

  • backtothis

    This is very generous and I will definitely pick up the 3 I do not have: Eliss, Solipskier, and Drop 7. Thanks a lot guys!

  • Pow R Rock

    All Amazingly good games ! I know cus I bought them for full price long ago.... GET THESE GAMES ....Soooooo Goooood !!!!

  • GunBlade1190

    Bought Canabalt, Solipskier, and Spider full price, with Osmos last $.99 sale. Picked up the other two just now. Best wishes for the devs and the charity they're donating to!

  • andsoitgoes

    Already bought half of these and am hemming about buying the others, but I just wish Osmos was the iPad version 🙁

    Regardless, just for Canabalt and Solipskier this is more than worth it!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GSIPCMRAZYG4CQ3GE4VBKHO2NY PuerV

    I'm not sure why they're only discounting the iPhone and not the iPad versions. I don't have an iPhone, and I'm not sure why they wouldn't discount the "HD" versions.

    • Nursedad

      I agree. Have Osmos for the iPhone but would like the HD version for the iPad too. But...not for $4.99 today. Give us a sale dev!!

  • Leather Socks

    Is it really so?? The long fabled coming of the 99¢ Canabalt sale?? Cheapskates and whiners unite!!

  • Adam Bullock

    Can't recommend Osmos enough, really beautiful game.

  • Bad Hanson

    Hey everyone, there are some good games here. I would strongly encourage anyone who has not got Eliss in their collection to pick it up right away. In my opinion this is still the best and most elegant (and fun) example of a multi-touch game for your device. Steph Thirion is a creative spark in an otherwise dim realm. Eliss 10/10

  • ndre

    I had all of them except solipskier and drop7 - bought!

  • http://twitter.com/tomkinniburgh Tom Kinniburgh

    Get Drop7, one of the best on iphone! I just picked up eliss

  • Philosonic

    Eliss is the first app that actually made me considered my iPod has a potential gaming device. I just fell in love with this simple, short but addictive game. I wish Steph Thirion would release an update or an Eliss 2.

  • http://immix.weebly.com Immixgame

    Drop7 is a great game! Picked up it long ago... Word of caution to iPad users: Claims to be universal; however, it looks like the just enlarged the graphics and they lost quality. Gameplay is smashing though!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N3ZZDGYS2FW2DOFMPXV3SGSGY4 k88dad

    Just picked up the ones that I didn't have. Top quality for all six here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Watford/100000938231196 Corey Watford


  • Anonymous

    I just bought Osmos on Sunday. 🙁 I knew I should've waited. Oh, well, I just bought Drop7 and may buy Spider and Canabalt.

  • Tino

    While Canabalt may have inspired a genre and deserves the respect, there are better autorun games out there now.

    However it's soundtrack is killer.

  • asöjfkl

    wow cool good i avent buyed them but now i will