If you were looking forward to spending this holiday season curled up next to a fire with a goblet of eggnog in one hand and your iPhone in the other playing Square Enix's upcoming tactical RPG Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for iPhone, you're going to need to come up with alternate plans. According to a recent note posted on Facebook, the game now has an incredibly vague release window of "spring 2011". If they stick to releasing this upcoming spring, the soonest we'll see Final Fantasy Tactics is somewhere in between March 20th and June 21st , the official beginning and end of the 2011 spring season.

This marks the second time that Final Fantasy Tactics has been pushed back, as originally the game had a release date of September 15th. The good news of all this is, unlike some big-name developers who seem to hold game releases to coincide with marketing plans and release schedules, Square is delaying the release to make the game better. Comparing the last screenshot released to these new ones today shows a considerable improvement.

The Facebook page is rather vague, but it sounds like the game now has full 3D maps which can be panned and zoomed around using standard iPhone swiping and pinching gestures. Also, the entire UI has been redone to be touch friendly. It's hard to say how much these screenshots represent the final version of the game as well, since they're sized at 720x480px, a resolution not found on any iOS device. Either way, Final Fantasy Tactics is high up on my list of games I want to play next year.

  • Andiron

    Disappointing that they're not releasing it sooner, but I for one would rather them take their time with it if it means an improved experience on iDevices. This game should pack plenty of hours in and a bad UI on the iPhone could ruin what would otherwise be a great game. I'm happy for this to not turn into a lazy port like SEGA's Shining Force.

    • http://www.muschamp.ca/ Muskie

      I'm in no real hurry I tried out most of the competitors and finished some and lost interest in others. There isn't any thing else coming out they have to beat to market that I know of. iPhone RPGs isn't exactly the worlds largest niche market.

  • DotComCTO

    Bah humbug, Square Enix! 😀
    Well...better to have the game done right than have a marginally done project and have everyone whine about it.

  • Steve

    Where is Secret of Mana?

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      @apple ceo

      remember the video of Secret of Mana.. essentially a 15 year old game, and they had 'loading screens' on the damn thing... an SNES port! Come on Square, get it together...

  • Phatbhuda

    I want this game yesterday please!

  • Klouud

    I beat the PSX version about 12 times... if the iPhone version does not have any new content... say... Moogles... then I will be skipping this game. Same goes for Secret of Manna.

  • andrzej raczynski

    so probably 9.99 iphone only, and 13.99 half a year later for ipad.

  • Rich Chinaman

    Just release the crappy version now and then I'll buy the updated one - full price. I'm rich and it makes no difference.

    • T34-b3$+

      Cool. Would you like a carrot?

  • GodSon

    I'm actually glad they are pushing the date back. That gives us all time to play the horde of top games that came out/is coming out this month. 😛

  • http://bassoonhero.deviantart.com/ Michael Wootton

    Maybe with the delay they'll put in time to make this a universal app...? Who am I kidding, it's SquareEnix, they'll milk this for every damn penny possible...

  • Anonymous

    They put all their time and energy into lame FF MXIV games and half ass their classic ports. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I never beat this game and would love to finally be able to do it. Suppose I would rather have a decent port than a rushed port.

    Be that as it may...hurry up Square!

  • Jasonc506

    Seems to be taking a long time just to make a port. Most people are making full games in the time it takes to port this. Well I'll buy it whenever it comes out unless it's more than 9.99.

  • Travis Tameirao

    I hope we can see at least get Secret of Mana for the said release date.

    • Ease

      I'm also waiting to play SOM on my iPad, hopefully the controls work well and it's coming soon... Can't wait ...

  • Anonymous

    Square is getting into the iphone rpg so late (besides chaos rings) that I'm not sure anyone will care when/if they start getting serious.

    If they aren't bringing new content,units and updated graphics I doubt I'll be buying it when there are so many new rpgs cropping up to play on ios.

    • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

      Oh people will care, as the current RPG line-up on the iPhone is very limited. Aside from Crimson Gem Saga and Chaos Rings, all the iPhone has are a bunch of retro ports and sub-par efforts from sub-par developers.

      Imagine what would happen if Square ported 'Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep', or the upcoming PSP exclusive 'Final Fantasy 13 Agito' to the iPhone... Do you imagine anyone would ever look at amateur hour clones and ripp offs again?

      • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson


        check out eternal legacy... its cheesy, but shows off some serious potential for FF on iPhone... and its 7 bucks instead of 40 bucks for a PSP game

  • Icepulse

    Id love to see a port of the original Vandal Hearts (PSX); I liked it better than FFT. The physical placement of your units was much more important, and there were usable terrain objects (switchplates, boulders, etc.)

    The new one on XBL is booty.

    Also, I'd cream for a port of "Vagrant Story". One of the finest, most under-appreciated games for any system, IMHO.

  • Anonymous

    The UI looks rather ugly I hope they change it before we see it next year.

    Oh right I remembered now FFT was so slow on the PSX even back in the day, the PSP version was insanely slower. They need to make this game run faster on the iPhone for a real pick up and play experience.

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson


    I've never played this, just played some GBA version... hurry up! i want this so bad