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Gameloft Posts New ‘NOVA 2’ Trailer and Announces Release Date of 12/16

If you thought last week’s onslaught of releases was nuts, it’s starting to look like this week will be even more insane. Aside from all the other games coming out this Thursday (or Wednesday night for us Americans), you can also add Gameloft’s NOVA 2 to that list. Also, since this is the last Thursday before the pre-Christmas iTunes Connect lock out, it’s safe to assume any game you’ve heard rumblings about being released this holiday season will also be appearing for download.

This new NOVA 2 trailer shows quite a bit of vehicular combat, which has always been my favorite part of Halo games. Of course the NOVA 2 thread in our upcoming games forum is going crazy with anticipation, and we’ll do our best to provide an in-depth look at the game as soon as its released.