Revolutionary Concepts, the folks who did such an excellent job bringing retro arcade classics Cobra Command and Karate Champ back to life, and who more recently brought us the clever UFO on Tape, have given us an update on the laserdisc title Road Blaster they they're readying for App Store release.

Gone are the onscreen targets and In the default 'normal' setting users wont be punished for not timing their move to the millisecond - as with our fave coin gobblers from back in the day, instead with a moderately good memory they'll be able to smoothly progress through each level for a much more seamless/flowing game.

The final build will have an Expert mode for the hardcore (no indicators and you die for making a wrong move), a leaderboard and achievements in the shape of Driver Rating Badges to be earnt (Game Center).

Add in the new and improved car dash graphics, new sound effects, additional level select and bonus screens, alternative car, steering/tilt controls and cleaned up video, and hopefully it's another cult classic bought back to life.

The developers tell us they've got about a week of polishing left before the title gets submitted. We're pretty anxious to get our hands on it. They also hinted that Road Blaster may be their last retro restoration title, given their current focus on the Q1 2011 release of their "most creative / unique title since UFO on Tape."

  • Guest

    Sounds cool. "earnt" should be "earned"

  • Mike Peter Reed

    Aw, I was hoping for Atari Roadblasters, got all excited for moment.

  • grng

    yeah, Roadblasters would be awesome. any chance of that? and how about something like the Strider series?

  • R_

    This is only worth getting if it has the theme song.
    (For the unenlightened; )