Jet Car Stunts [$1.99 / Free] by True Axis is without a doubt a favorite around here, and last week we posted about the recent update which not only added a DLC level pack, but also threw in a load of iOS 4 enhancements including antialiasing on newer devices as well as fast app switching support. True Axis had intended this update to also include Retina Display support, but a last minute bug prevented the game from running at the glorious 960x640 resolution. This was quickly fixed, and an updated version was submitted to the App Store which was just approved mere moments ago.

Check out how awesome Jet Car Stunts looks on the iPhone 4:

If you're an iPhone 4 owner with Jet Car Stunts, don't waste any time before mashing the update button in iTunes. The game looks fantastic on the Retina Display, and still runs at its sky high frame rate even at the higher resolution. If this is the first you've heard of Jet Car Stunts, take a look at our review. We liked the game so much we awarded it five stars, and from checking out the quotes in the iTunes description, we're not alone.

  • sammysin

    Can't wait to try this out. I'm updating it right now and I've taken shots before the update for comparison.

  • Eng

    No iPad support yet...lame...

    • TrueAxis

      We will probably do this when iOS 4 comes out for the iPad because it will then have anti-aliasing capabilities πŸ™‚

      • Eng

        XD I take back my lame comment, makes sense i suppose.
        Thanks for the reply πŸ™‚

      • Jindo Fox

        TrueAxis you are completely amazing, don't go changing. Before the antialiasing, I thought the game looked okay on the iPad. Now I've deleted it while waiting for antialiasing--playing it on 3GS instead!

  • Lukeb

    iPhone 4 owners: It's all you now. No excuse for not beating my 2nd gen itouch records on level pack hard tracks C and E. Just
    kidding, knock yourselves out πŸ™‚

    • Lukeb

      Add Level Pack Impossible C and F to the above WR's πŸ˜€

  • Radeon123

    Just tried it out, looks stunning. No jaggies anywhere πŸ™‚

  • Deluxe

    Now, the only thing left to change are those ugly controls... =]

    • TrueAxis

      You know you like them really πŸ˜‰ Or you can go into options and change them.

      • Deluxe

        Well... That's true. There is an option to change HUD... But I -know- that you added it when I wasn't looking! =)
        So... sorry for the complaint (HUD 3 is good), great job!

        To correct my previous post:
        (That's all.)

  • Josh

    very crisp graphics but blurry hud/textures. Either way I love it.

    • SalsaMD

      .From TrueAxis:

      "The font was not upgraded - we thought getting the high rez screen up and running would show the 3D graphics side much better. We will probably upgrade at a later date."

  • Chad

    Wow, wow, wow.

  • Folle Rec

    I'm so afraid to try the Lite version because it might make me buy the full version. I have so many other unfinished games at the moment. Yikes.

  • martin_tf

    One of my all time favourites, I played through it again since applying last weeks update. Now to re-do the time trials.

  • Gert

    It's one of my favorites on my 3G already.

    It must be totally stellar on an iPhone 4!

  • SicMX

    One of my favorite games of all time and also one of my favorite developers, keep up the good work!