Proud to be indie developer NimbleBit leaked some vague details to us this afternoon regarding their next iPhone game, Pocket Frogs. The story of Pocket Frogs starts back with their previous game, Dizzypad [iPhone: $1.99 / iPad: Free + DLC], a simple jumping game that we loved in our review which recently received an update adding in iOS 4 fast app switching and Retina Display support for the iPhone 4.

Figuring they'd make the various Plus+ awards a little more fun than just increasing your overall Plus+ gamer score, NimbleBit linked these awards with unlocking differently colored playable frogs. The unexpected side effect of this for NimbleBit was it turned out that for many players, the goal of playing Dizzypad for them was to unlock every frog rather than shooting for high scores as originally intended. NimbleBit released several updates to the game which added even more frogs, so when searching for inspiration for their next game, it seemed only natural to make a game with the sole purpose of collecting as many frogs as possible.

Pocket Frogs is a game of raising, breeding, and trading frogs. Each of your frogs will have three specific genetic traits that they inherit from their parent frogs, which according to NimbleBit will result in "many thousand possible emergent species." There are going to be multiple customizable habitats to raise your frogs in, and players will be responsible for keeping the frogs healthy, happy, and well fed by taking them out to explore the Pocket Frog pond.

Aside from breeding frogs, players will be able to get new frogs by ordering them in-game as well as trading frogs with friends via Plus+. There are also plans to have various challenges to breed certain frogs which rotate on a weekly and monthly basis and the frog store will rotate on a daily with new frogs to buy with in-game currency. NimbleBit is still hashing out plans on exactly how they're going to monetize Pocket Frogs, but have assured me that players will be able to access absolutely everything in game for free and whatever in-app purchases they finally decide on will be intended for serious frog breeders and otherwise entirely optional.

One of the core features of Pocket Frogs that NimbleBit feels has been missing from some many of these free social games is a full featured offline mode. If you're an iPod touch user, you will be happy to know that you can play Pocket Frogs without ever connecting to the Internet, you just won't be able to buy any of the in-app purchases or participate in frog trading while offline. Otherwise, you can breed your own little frogs to your heart's content, buy new frogs, and even participate in all the breeding challenges.

Pocket Frogs is currently being developed for all iOS platforms and will include Retina Display support. NimbleBit isn't getting specific with release dates yet, and instead have just told us to "expect to have a handful of little frogs this summer." We've yet to hear whether or not players will be able to release their army of frogs on unsuspecting virgin ecosystems, but for what it's worth, I've got my fingers crossed.

  • Pauly

    Not going to lie to you, I will likely get this. =)

  • Hippieman

    This looks wonderful! Good job Nimblebit!

  • A Gay


    • Somebody

      Dude, watch the language!!!

    • Meghan

      There's children here

  • FourMJR

    I fucking hate Plus+ another interesting game ruined. Good job.

    • K

      I actually don't mind it or see the problem. In fact, I love that games like Carnivore support it so that when I'm playing on my iPad, my current point in the game ("savestate" if you will) is transferred to my iPhone.

    • None ya business

      Watch ya language

  • TheFamousEccles

    This looks neat, but I hope they release a DLC-free version for three or five bucks. I think DLC should be something that is permanent, not something you can use up.

  • Metalbear

    I'm really excited for this. So many innovative apps this summer!

  • Ultimate Zohan



  • 3D

    Hol-eee crap, this is the game I've been waiting for for YEARS on the iOS. This looks like just about Pokemon without the ridiculously monotonous "grinding" game mechanic (that is to say: the game that I had hoped 1000 was going to be).

    As one of the folks who played Dizzypad 75% because of the allure of collecting sprightly colored amphibians, this is #1 on my wish list. NimbleBit has been rolling out great games for two years and I am flipping out with glee over this one. Bravo NimbleBit!

  • Fluffhead


  • John

    As long as the breeding is quite complex I will be happy, genetic traits outside of visual would ideal!

  • Turakm

    Looks amazing. Ian please consider a dlc free version for money. Most if not all dlc games tend to fade out. Love your games though. This looks like the best yet!

    • Ian Marsh

      The IAPs will most likely be completely optional. The goal is for everything in the game to be able to be accessed without using IAP.

  • Georgina

    Hello, tiny frogs! This looks adorable.

  • barbicoh

    omg I never knew frogs could be this adorable

  • Yffum

    I really hope there will be a gaming aspect to it. So you can actually do something with the frogs you get. Preferably a game involving many frogs that you can play online against other people. Perhaps you could wager one of your own frogs, that would be awesome.

    Maybe a turn-based version of the battle mode on the iPad. It would have some strategy about which frogs to use or your positioning and of course the pads would be spinning.

  • Rachel

    This looks great! I loved Dizzypad,so this will be an instant purchase for me.

  • K

    This idea of breeding with genetic traits could allow me to use this in my teaching at a basic level with a bit of fun.... πŸ™‚

  • Mintey

    Sound great,but I hope it's not going to be just breeding and selling/buying frogs.Then it would be like doodle god: Great idea,but no depth at all.
    Definitely picking this up tho πŸ˜‰

  • Cool person

    Cool dude!!!

  • http://Idk I p. Freely

    Kewl I only have 2 questions 1. How much is it? (so I know how much to save up) 2. When will it be out?

  • Sixline

    Awesome. Love frogs. I have some dart frogs.

  • Imkewlerthabyou

    All apps shuld be free

    • Freegal

      You should look into jailbreaking your iPod then πŸ˜‰

  • Madison pope

    Umm this takes for ever to load and I am not happy with it

    • Doowew

      It's not out yet...

      • saintsalive


  • Silly girl

    Haha i would love to get this the froggies are so cute!

  • Nate Bellito

    From what it looks like, I think there are three "traits"
    1. Pattern style
    2. Base color
    3. Pattern color

    Ian, am I correct?

    • Mew2468

      Yep, you're right.

  • Dizzygirl5

    CUTE!!!!!!!! CANT F WAIT!!!!! Ps. i have dizzy pad free and scoops free THEY R AWSOME!!!!

    • Supergal

      O have them too!! I love these games that involve cute little animals!!!

  • Supergal

    Oohhhhh the little frogs are soooo cute!!!!! Already loving this game!!

  • Someone

    Listen everyone you really need to watch your language and if you don't have something nice to say about plus+ then don't bother saying anything at all! I personally love plus+ and I will definitely get pocket frogs if it's free. Don't bother saying mean things about it because it's just a waste of time and you are being a hater. Bye-bye all non-haters!!

  • Jojo

    Hoping they'll consider a free version...even if it's just a LITE version... πŸ™‚
    Sounds fun.

  • I heart ipads

    This app looks really cool! I am SO getting
    this app once it comes out!!

  • Natback1

    When exactly is it going to come out? I really want it!:(

  • A.J Phantom

    AAAAHHHHH!!! KAWAII!!!!!! I can't wait to get this app!!!!!!! 

  • mattsheep11340

    Looks fun!

  • http://Poo Noname

    Sooo when does it come out????!!

  • Picky

    I like to Pick my nose.

  • Baby

    Iew froggies having sex! (breed) i dont like that but its a Nice game i think.

  • Wendy1235

    I LOVE having sex with the ladies
    because they have such scwooshy
    boobs! SEX is awsome

  • Wendy1235

    Anybody else love having sex!?!?:)

  • A.J Phantom

    You people are sick. Wendy1235, you make me want to hurl. ξ–ξ–ξ–ξŒξŒξŒ That's very insulting, and not to mention pervertish! Come on, we're not here to talk about sex we're here to talk about Pocket Frogs! Let's keep it that way!

  • Maryjane


  • Megan

    I love the game got a sneak preview  the froggies are sososo cute

  • Mspink22

    I need someone is driving my crazy. I got this app for both of my boys and one works and the other does not. I can not hatch his eggs...can someone please help me.......I am frustrated

    • Coadytawil

      well try deleting it at reloading it that may help if that doesnt wait for the next update i had a game the game wouldnt load at all but now it works fine but besides those two i dont know hope it helps