If our App Store Gaming Guide that we posted yesterday wasn't a big enough list of awesome games worth checking out on your new iPhone 4, it would appear Apple has thrown their own hat in to the game listing ring with their The Best Games You've Never Played list.

50 games are included in said list, and while they cover quite a bit of games that we hit in ours, there are quite a few games we left out. Here are just a handful of the games from the Apple list that we think are worth checking out that we haven't already mentioned in either the recent App Store gaming guide or our 2009 buyer's guide:

Critter Crunch - This game was released all the way back in 2008, and I only discovered it recently as it's made by some of the same guys behind Sword & Sworcery. Critter Crunch reminds me of classic Neo Geo stacking puzzle games, and gameplay amounts to feeding smaller critters to larger critters to score massive combos and clear the game board. (Review, App Store)

Dungeon Scroll - Developed by the same person responsible for the classic BBS game Legend of the Red Dragon, Dungeon Scroll is a marvelous twist on word finding games. In the game, you crawl through dungeons fighting monsters by casting spells. The strength of the spell you cast is directly related to the word you spell from your random tiles, creating an awesome amount of strategy as you save big words for tougher enemies and work out smaller words for weaker ones. (Review, App Store)

HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1 - This point and click (point and tap?) adventure game really pushes the boundaries of the App Store approval process. Filled with dirty humor and raunchy references, Hector won't take you more than a few hours to beat... But those few hours will be amazing. (Review, App Store)

Pix'n Love Rush - I really don't think this game could come packed with any more stylized pixel art. With graphical themes ranging from the classic Gameboy to the Virtual Boy that change on the fly depending on your performance in the game, Pix'n Love Rush is a high scoring game that not only looks great, but is really hard to put down once you get going. (Review, App Store)

Robot Unicorn Attack - An iPhone port of Adult Swim's extremely popular free Flash game, Robot Unicorn Attack preserves everything from the original, including the fantastic Erasure soundtrack. If you like survival platformers, you need to at least give the Flash version a spin. (Review, App Store)

These are just five of the fifty games included in Apple's listing, so be sure to load that up in iTunes and give it a peek if none of these games suit your fancy.

  • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo

    I'd totally agree with Critter Crunch

  • terra01

    i love Critter Crunch on PSN. Like the headline suggests. I didnt even know it was on the App store. Looking forward to Hector as well. Robot Unicorn Attack is hysterical, but i can only take it in small doses.

  • http://www.mindjuice.net MindJuice

    How does it make any sense that geoDefense, Canabalt or Fieldrunners, some of the most popular titles ever in the App Store, qualify as Games You've Never Played?


    • Colbertj

      I agree. I was looking over the games and thinking, "these are great games that thousands of people rave about". It's a good list, but very poorly titled!!

  • R2D2

    R2D2 here,

    I laughed till a resistor blew out my nose! Apple says you must hold your iP4 a certain way for reception. Too funny! Here's a thought: Take your head out of Job's axe and the reception will improve. No such problems with my Droids. The force is with us!

    • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo


  • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo

    It is not about thousands of PpL TAers!

    It is about Millions of them...

    Link > http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/07/steve-jobs-live-from-wwdc-2010/

    11:15AM "Now there's another major miilestone we're about to hit. This month we will sell our 100 millionth iOS device. iPads, iPhones, iPod touch... there is definitely a market for your applications."

  • ZiljdianKX

    I'm still mad that Critter Crunch switched publishers and I'll never be able to get updates for it now after paying $10 for it. ๐Ÿ™

  • http://blog.sketchnation.com Nitzan

    Is it just me, or are almost all of these games that were very popular in 2008/2009 and simply have not been in the top 100 recently?

  • http://chungyen.com Chungyen Chang

    I'm glad that Dungeon Scroll is getting the attention it deserves. It is by far my favorite word game. The developer is also releasing an iPod/iPad port of Dink Smallwood soon.

    • Acidbottle

      great game tho it was, the RPG elements needed a little more attention and sadly, presumably because sales were low, it never once had an update ๐Ÿ™

  • B34$T

    Great list for those who are getting their first iDevice. Not all of those are games I never played but they were all pretty high quality.

  • Brian Dunkle

    Yeah, these are some "obscure gems". Sheesh.
    Yes, these are mostly good games, but "games you've never played"? Apple smoking something.

  • Ahiru

    the "best games you've never played" are actually the ones that:

    - were like 9.99 back on app store launch days and are somewhat still expensive compared to those .99c madness
    - were surprinsingly fun but NEVER had an update to either issues: bugs and lack of content

    i think this pretty much sum it up.

    totally agree with that.

    there also some others, like Loopy Laboratory (chip's challenge rip-off) for example, but i like the fact that Dungeon Scroll is there.

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    It's geared at new iPhone users, right? So the idea is that you've never played it before because you haven't been exposed to the app store yet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought that was pretty clear, especially since TA is comparing it to the previous article with exactly that purpose.

    Just sayin'.

    I enjoy looking through these lists for games I missed, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • http://www.mindjuice.net MindJuice

      If you've never been exposed to the App Store, then there are over 32,000 games that you've never played before!

      I still say it's completely mistitled.

      • Eli Hodapp

        It's hard to really say how mis-titled it is. Even though some of these games have sold over a million copies, that's still only 1% of the devices out there now. Whenever I'm out with friends who aren't really that tech savvy I ask to page through their apps, and it's almost always nothing but junk. At best they might have Doodle Jump, the free version of Words with Friends, and a smattering of other free solitaire and sudoku games.

        Since the iPhone doesn't really have a staple franchise yet like Mario or Sonic that EVERYONE has heard of or played, I think it's safe to say you could describe pretty much any game out there in the same way they're titling this list.

      • http://www.mindjuice.net MindJuice

        Interesting point about the 1% market share. However, usually when a list with a title like this is made, the idea is to highlight some amazing games that, for whatever reason, never achieved the popularity that the list maker believes they deserve.

        My point simply being that many of those apps have been very highly ranked in the past and have been what most would consider "popular".

        It really is quite interesting though that no game can really claim to have penetrated more than maybe 4-5% of the iDevice market. Gives one hope for the future!

  • backtothis

    wow this is an excellent list! there's even some i don't have.

  • Jack

    Which games are worth picking up?

    • http://doesnothaveoneyet ultimo

      Critter Crunch

    • backtothis

      more like which aren't worth picking up. These are honestly some of the all-time best seen on the appstore.

      • Jack

        I have most of them but I'm thinking of getting Pix'n Love Rush and/or Geodefense. How are they? I'm open to other game suggestions as well.

      • deadclown

        Geodefense is probably the single best TD game I've played, and I've played a stupid number of them. Get it! INcredible game.

      • Jack

        I'm thinking about it but I read that it is extremely hard!

  • Biffy Beebe

    great list here. Thank you very much, ive been looking for games like those on your list! Thnx!

  • Googlyhead

    Are there 50 listed in the US version of this. I'm in the UK, and there's only 49 to be found. What's the missing one?

    • John

      The missing one is Twin Blades ๐Ÿ™‚

  • araczynski

    Holy frack! I can't believe I forgot all about Erasure's "Always" song, man that brings back memories ๐Ÿ™‚