Earlier this month we posted that Konami announced Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 will be coming to the App Store. Konami has updated their blog on the controls, camera angels and some screenshots that will be featured in PES 2010 for the iPhone.

The first screenshots for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for the iPhone and iPod Touch have been revealed and show off the replay feature and in-game layout.

The controls in any game can make or break the user experience, which is why the Konami team is spending a lot of time on the control layout for PES 2010. Of course they have the classic controls with a virtual joystick and virtual buttons on screen, but they have also come up with a new unique iPhone control method called "one-touch". The "one-touch" AI assisted control mode takes advantage of the iPhones capabilities and keeps things simple. No buttons or joysticks on the screen, just the accelerometer and the screen as one giant input zone.

The unique one-touch mode with accelerometer and multi-touch comes with great AI assistance so to ensure the best possible gameplay experience. This is a new way of approaching controls for a football game.

Konami has also been posting in our forums, and answering users' questions about the upcoming game. Of interest, they have said that the licensing of player and team names "will be comparable to the PSP", and that "there are about 100 animations for player and goalkeepers in the game".

With a new intriguing control method, great visuals, and player licensing, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is shaping up to be promising soccer game for the iPhone. There is no release date set for the game yet, but last week they were about to enter the beta testing, so hopefully we will get to play PES 2010 sometime this summer.

  • BdragonST

    that's.....looks awesome..!!!

  • Mike

    Doesn't look very good to me. The textures and details look shite to be honest.

    • Marcus

      Are you serious? For an iPhone game it looks pretty decent. X2's set the bar pretty high though

  • dennis

    x2 looks better

  • Mr Slinky Spring

    OpenGL ES 2.0 support and full online please Konami..

  • Exhibit A

    No joystick?! no on-screen buttons?! Not sure about this one after hearing that. I'm hoping they will have an option for v-pad and buttons in settings. That would b fair.

    • Jeff Carter

      That is already discussed in the article:

      "Of course they have the classic controls with a virtual joystick and virtual buttons on screen, but they have also come up with a new unique iPhone control method called "one-touch"."

      • Exhibit A

        lol woops, kinda skimmed through that part....cool. I'm relieved there is classic controls. :0) !!!!

  • Exhibit A

    I am enjoying x2 at the moment but if this has better over-all graphics/ with same or better gameplay, I will switch. Either way I will give it a shot. So far, the screenshots r a bit anti climactic though. I was hoping the screenies would look more like the PSP version 2010 but it's lookin more like PC circa 1991. Just bein honest. But it's only an iPhone game and more screenshots and a video clip will reveal more animation/effects etc... I've been wrong b4 so I'll shut my modest pie-hole until I see more.

  • samthelion

    they did a great job designing a completely new control method for the wii. Maybe they can repeat the magic, who knows.

  • nizy

    I'm very intrigued by this new control method, especially given Konami's track record on the wii - that new setup they created is absolutely amazing and possibly the best controls i've ever used in a football game.

  • lol

    wow from reading some of you readers' comments, looks like you haven't played PES a.k.a Winning Eleven. Or a football gamer.

    This game will kill every other football game there is on the App store.
    Like it did with PS1 PS2 PS3 it will on the Apple OS too.

    when this game is out. Those who truly know football gaming will know what to do.

    Instant buyer for me, And this has now led me to decide that I will consider the iPhone 4G when it arrives this summer.