Namco's Ridge Racer Accelerated [App Store] was released late last year, and we weren't very crazy about the game in our review. Basically, poor performance combined with poor tilt controls and a wacky DLC system made for a racing game that was hard to recommend even when you take its arcade racing roots in to account.

In the recent update, Namco thankfully implemented two new control options: A virtual analog joystick and a virtual D-pad that actually makes the game feel a lot like the original on the Playstation. No matter how hard I tried I could never wrap my head around maintaining a proper drift around corners with the tilt controls, but using the new D-pad setup I'm burning around tracks with ease. I'm not really a fan of the analog joystick setup, but for me, Ridge Racer has always been about tapping D-pads.

Performance also seems to be improved substantially, as the game actually runs how I would expect it to on my iPhone. Namco also added a time attack mode and the ability to listen to your own music in game along with a host of other tweaks and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, even though Namco has added some extra content it's still hard to get behind the DLC model they're using in their games. Currently, if you want everything Ridge Racer has to offer, you'll need to fork out $2.99 for the game, $1.99 for a pack of fast cars, and an additional $2.99 for more tracks. I really wish Namco would just start offering their games for a flat price, as it's surprisingly annoying paging through the game's various selection menus and seeing all of this content you still need to pay for.

If you purchased Ridge Racer in the past and have since removed it from your device or forgot about it, you really should give the new update a spin. The new control options really made the difference to me in that I'm actually able to play the game now. If you haven't pulled the trigger on downloading Ridge Racer yet, I'd consider some of the other better racing games available on the App Store such as Real Racing [$4.99 / Free] or Need For Speed: Shift [$6.99].

App Store Link: Ridge Racer Accelerated, $2.99

  • dumas1000

    The controls are better, thanks to these new control configurations. However, make no mistake. This game is hard. It's hard because that is the fundimenta nature of Ridge Racer. You must finish first in events in order to unlock cars, and it does work on easy mode. You must play at least normal. At normal, making one single mistake can prevent you from winning an event; one mistake in 3 laps.

    Don't bother with this game if you consider yourself either a casual gamer or a casual fan of racing games. Hardcore gamers may appriciate the difficulty and that's fine. A fair warning to everyone else though.

    • GodSon

      Agreed, and reason I love it. The difficulty in Ridge Racer Accelerated is very challenging to those who want to progress easily. Even sometimes with playing a flawless race you can still come in 2nd. You have to add some tactic in your drifting to fill up your nitrous tank while still maintaining top speed. The new control schemes do make all the difference and I'm glad it didn't go un-noticed.

      This is my favorite arcade racing game next to Jet Car Stunts(even though JCS is a completely different game). If you need a racer that offers a great challenge then this definitely shouldn't get slept on.

  • dagamer34

    A man can only pay for the same game so many times...

  • tsharpfilm

    Gotta agree about the flat rate. I'm a huge Ridge Racer fan, but I'm not a fan of being nickled and dimed. I own Need for Speed; it's a great alternative.

  • -.-sup

    nah man,, hvnt u guys noticed...? i play lots of racing games and this i would actually say one of the BEST!! dont u guys see this is like the only game which has real reflection on car and the graphics are amazing o.o is it just me?? cuz nfs is good, but this is like a different kind of good i would say, it's not like a copy of the normal iphone racing games, i think the graphics are stunning,, whatsoever no preformance issues on 3gs.

    • SstakK

      No its not Just you. look at the forums, look for my post . I love this game. I actually unlocked all cars except the ones from class 5 survival is by far the hardest mode i have played. The rest is not too hard but not easy.

  • wtfomgbbq

    Are you all bribed by scamco? This is the ugliest racer on the iphone, jesus.

    • SstakK

      You must be playing on 2g device. I had one and it looked/played like crap. But the i bought ipod 3g (32gb) and it looked awesome and 60 fps.

      • BulkSlash

        Yeah, I'm playing it on my 3G at the moment and the framerate is absolutely terrible, even though it turns off loads of effects like car reflections.

        I'd upgrade to a 3GS but I'm waiting for the new iPhone to be released! Maybe then I'll be able to enjoy this game... 🙂

  • 1082

    FINALLY! Why so soon Namco?

  • http://micro Yuggle

    I ain't paying so much money for an average racer when the app store is filled with cheaper, better flat fee games.

    Namco already nailed me with pac-man, they won't do it again. No more namco games until they release them flat fee and for a reasonable price.

  • sdfsadf

    OMG, this looks horrible

    • SstakK


  • Iphone Games

    yeah, it looks not so good. Even for $2.99 I'm not buying this one.
    I will stay with the Need For Speed: Shift

  • 14

    The graphics and the framerate are still absolutely horrible. The iphone isn't a GBA. There's just no excuse for such laziness from paid developers at a big name like Namco.

    • SstakK

      You must be all playing on 2nd gen devices, at this game on those devices, the devs took away the cool reflections and 3d models are worse. And it runs like crap on those devices. I know. I had one ipod 2g abd it was an awful game. But for all the 3gs and touch 3g owners, GET THIS GAME. It runs silky smooth in my ipod t 3g

      • GodSon

        I'm on an iPod 2G and have yet to experience lag...

  • Surfheart

    Its a huuuge improvement to how it was, but...

    It still looks and runs better on my PSP than it does on my 3GS. To me that's kinda sad considering how much more power the 3GS is meant to have compared to the PSP.

  • Chinito77

    Lots good on an iPhone 4. The inclusion of that RR4 car from the Special Class makes the game a breeze. The updates warrant for a good buy. I did end up buying the extra race tracks because this game is so much fun.

    It may not be the prettiest game but it reminds me of the original RR, fun to play and awesome music. I would like to see a sequel for this game. One that takes advantage of the new iPhone/iPad A4 processor and Retina Display.