Back in October we highlighted an upcoming 2.5D sidescrolling puzzle platformer that drew inspiration from classics such as Metroid and MegaMan.

Original Teaser Video from October

The game was originally planned for submission in November, but after all the feedback he received in our forums, the developer decided to bring on more people to try to take the game to the next level. Two additional team members were added to work on artwork, sound and level design.

New screenshots are provided:


The latest developer update promises a well rounded and complete game:

We followed community feedback and as many suggested, we are taking the time to make a nice polished game. I can give you a hint at what to expect, +60 rooms (+30 unlockable with free updates), all filled with platforming action, physics-based puzzles, battles or all 3 Several ecosystems with nice artistic treatment and painted sceneries. Custom music tracks and sounds fxs. I know you will love the bosses and the story. The game is filled with hidden rooms, secrets and rewards. And as promised, full 60fps of pure gameplay response (we will even let you see the fps on screen if you want; its a geek thing)

The developer is working on a new gameplay trailer which should be revealed shortly along with the actual name of the game. We'll let you know as soon as we do. The developer is continuing to participate in the upcoming thread in our forums.

  • Bag of Awesome

    This is great, seeing a developer make a game based on the ideas of the community for a very polished and no doubt enjoyable experience...even if it makes him push his release date back several months.

  • dark3zz

    looks sooooo d**m nice!

    • Johnny

      Looks like Turican - which isn't a bad thing.

  • seearees

    I really liked the way the game originally looked, I never understood the criticisms of the art style. The new style certainly looks more colorful but for some reason I'm just not as excited about it as I was before.

    • squarezero

      I think part of the reason is that the game seemed like such an indie production before, and now it's gotten a bit slick. Still, if it helps to make the experience more immersive, I'm all for giving it that final coat of polish.

      • smokin okin okin

        nah not at all, I know what this guy means, for some reason that look of a silver spaceman trekking through craters seemed so cool and original even with the obvious metroid/ megaman tones, but now by the looks of this, although it looks f*cking amazing, it just feels like something we've all seen and played thousands of times before

  • Stan Winstone


  • Jim


    • Thaurin

      Ouch, that sounds painful.

      • Jonny30bass

        Lol thats funny.

  • Jared GIbbs

    If he makes it, I'll will buys it!

  • Color Me Badd Reunion Tour

    Maybe I'm just stoned off of gta still, but this game looks wicked boring. The controls look responsive though

  • metagonzo

    Ooh, this looks nice. Shadow Complex in yer pocket.
    Sign me up!

  • Chad

    Yesss! Metroid was my favorite game of all time. If it comes anywhere close, my iDevice's games page will be complete!

  • ObeyOboy

    WOW, this looks sweet. I agree with you on the indie feel, but the game will probably be more polished now. I also appreciate developers who listen to the community. Sold!

  • jaytee

    the new art looks really goofy.

    the main character, if a little overtly inspired by megaman, at least was distinctive.
    now it's just some generic robot thing.

    • smokin okin okin

      i totally agree with you, the original game seemed like nothing else on the appstore, but although very colorful, the new look to the game has an oddly generic, cartoony style that totally defeats the purpose of what many of us loved about the original game, it tries way too hard to look like metroid

  • Symbolist


  • Athlos

    Damn! That is a huge surprise, I have been following his development and the new screen shots are a huge treat and in contrast between the original, it's so much better, definite buy for me!

  • Deluxe

    Wow! I find the new art style much better (but a little more generic too)...

  • Rocco

    Turritroid 🙂 haha...

  • Alan / Falcon

    I think the rock textures and a lot of the environment and enemies to look rather horrible... and the lack of feedback from destructible objects like the crate would drive me mad. Start glowing red, or grow cracks, or show that you're being damaged. That's potentially a later-stage polish thing, but I hope it doesn't go overlooked. The game looks like it has a lot of potential, but I'd be too turned off to purchase it as it stands (which is a shame.)

    • Alan / Falcon

      Hmn, I watched the video and glossed over the screenshots before. I love the direction and look of the new screenshots - and I'd love to see them in action.

  • floyd

    Looks much, much more professional now. Great job!

  • Tim

    MUCH MUCH MUCH better.

  • intake66

    instant buy for sure. Just based on the style

  • Joe

    I would say: Use AC: Discovery engine and you could produce Shadow Complex as AC:D has really great vibe to the gameplay i think due the engine. The Deep is cool but i would prefer SC style.

  • Looksalotbetter

    Wow. It's like night and day in comparison. Definitely liking where this is going. Hopefully the character will get some unique weapons and abilities. Try to strive for innovation in gaming always! Also, i hope there is a lot of variety in the level design and scenary but I can't complain, it looks a lot better than before. Keep it up guys! You are on the road to success with this one!

  • Jaffa

    That looks damn good.

  • Rakio

    Needs more meaty sound effects...

  • Plast2

    Woa! Screenshots looks amazing! Definitely on my watchlist. - Hell, looks like a sure insta buy...

  • Mirco

    Great! It remember me the Turrican game for C64 age!!! I want it!

  • GnillGnoll

    I like the game style, but the graphics could use some texture filtering.

  • AriocM

    Wow talk about a boost in quality, the new art style is impressive and really makes me interested in the game. Can't wait to see a new video of gameplay. Work in that crazy parallax scrolling and I'm sold.

  • BeauIXI

    Very nice.. Especially love the grappling hook. Hope the final character looks a bit more fluid and animated like how Megaman X always did..