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New Dual Stick Shooter ‘Guerrilla Bob’ Trailer Released

A new trailer for Chillingo’s upcoming dual-stick shooter Guerrilla Bob was released today. We’ve already posted about the game in the past, but this new trailer reveals a new gameplay detail which may not be too surprising…

If you watch it all the way to the end, you’ll find Guerrilla Bob himself in a gun fight with the one and only John Gore of Minigore, a game which has recently become the near undisputed king of character tie-ins from other games. Believe it or not, John Gore is apparently the end boss of Guerilla Bob.

Chillingo also sent us a whole set of new screenshots:

Guerrilla Bob should be submitted this week, the game itself is complete and all that is left to do is last minute testing and tweaking of Chillingo’s Crystal integration.