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Untitled ‘Metroid’ and ‘MegaMan’ Inspired Game Shows Promise

Touch Arcade forum member Rozgo has been posting for around a month now on the progress of his currently untitled 2.5D sidescroller that already shows a lot of promise. In the two videos he has posted we see multiple weapons, using missiles to break things, a grappling hook to solve physics puzzles, and many other amazing things that have come out of this one-man wolfpack of iPhone development.

This game looked impressive in screenshots, but seeing it in motion is something else. As a huge fan of both MegaMan and Metroid, these videos have me amazingly excited to have the game in my hands.

Alex Rozgo’s game is still in development, which you can follow in his thread on our forums. According to his posts, he’s optimistic to have the game submitted in early November to hopefully see it released on the App Store a few weeks later.