Gameloft has posted a teaser/cinematic video which reveals they are bringing Driver to the iPhone. The original Driver game was first released in 1999 to critical acclaim. The game plot was as follows:

Tanner, an NYPD detective gone undercover due to his impressive driving skills, must gain the confidence of the syndicate's bosses by performing increasingly difficult missions such as stopping or following another car, driving through windows, delivering a stolen car or scaring a taxi customer

No actual gameplay is shown, but we'll post more as we get it. Driver is due in December.

Skater Nation

Meanwhile, a proper gameplay trailer for their Gameloft's upcoming skateboarding game Skater Nation was also released. This shows a lot of the gameplay for their Tony Hawk Pro Skater-alike. Full featured skateboarding games have been a rarity on the iPhone, so we expect this one to do quite well when it comes out.

Stair Dismount

Finally, Secret Exit released their first gameplay video of their Stair Dismount game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We took a look at this interesting title earlier this week. This one's also due soon.

  • Robert M.

    Skater Nation looks awesome!! I can't wait to get my hands on it!! It's up there with NFS: Shift for me.

    • SalsaMD

      Yes, as long as they nail the controls. They have had time to study prior iphone skating games, so one can hope...

  • jaytee

    driver always seemed like a totally awesome game (kind of like a more racing-y version of GTA), but i hope the controls are improved from the original. i couldn't ever even pass the training missions because some of the maneuvers they wanted you to perform were damn near impossible for my 13 year old self.

  • Richardrent

    Skater nation looks like it could be nifty

    Stair dismount looks like one of the 20,000 clones of the same game I played in flash in thank you.

  • Ddyracer

    meh. skater looks ok, stair dismount looks stupid. and driver i want actual game footage

  • your personal robot

    I love the SD trailer. Wonderful music.

    • Frand


      The man behind the music in the trailer (also the background music in the game) is Jonne Valtonen, an incredibly talented composer who's involved with orchestral work these days. He also has a demoscene background.

      Here is a sample of Jonne's other, less significant work 😉

  • iAmTheWalrus

    Skater Nation looks awesome.
    It just gave me a huge nostalgia rush.
    Brb, playin THPS 2 for my PSX.

  • Yagami_Light

    Lets just hope that Driver isn't as hard as Driver 2 was. Nobody could even beat the tutorial mission without cheating. Multiplayer was great though, even though it was a little unbalanced.

  • Howard

    Driver was an excellent game but the controls were tough to get down on PC/Playstation (I own both) -- how they will translate onto an iDevice is definately cause for concern...

  • Adams Immersive

    "scaring a taxi customer” 🙂

    I’m sold!

    And Stair Dismount in 3D is hardly the same as old 2D Flash games. I think I’m sold on that one too!

  • Max

    The idea of Stair Dismount is just ill!

  • SicMX

    Driver was an amazing game on Playstation! I don't remember ever having any problems with the controls... Driv3r was even better, albeit too difficult at times.

    Can't wait for Driver, instant buy for me!

  • adam

    Ouch, the sound of that ragdoll hitting the ground was.....eurgh. But it looked like it had some really great effects. Might buy, but i'll play it without the sound i think.

    Skater Nation looks awesome. While i'm not normally into skater games, and this does seem very similar to the first tony hawks game, it looks really good.

    I enjoyed the psx version of driver, but if it's another tilt to steer driving game, then i'm out.

    • Howard

      Sadly, I have to agree...

      • SicMX

        There are a couple of games where tilt to steer works perfectly: Need for Speed Undercover, Stunt Car Driver and 2xl Atv game. These are the only games where the controls work perfect.

        Just make sure to keep you device atleast at a 45 degree angle (so not flat down) and the steering will be perfect!

  • kita

    I loved driver ever since I learned how to get past the tutorial lol. Probably one of my all time favorite games because the police chases always kept me on the edge of my seat 🙂 Not sure how the gameloft version will hold up though, but I'm very excited 🙂

    • your personal robot

      Yeah, getting past the tutorial was already very difficult! I remember exactly how much I hated the game in the beginning. But then I fell in love! 🙂

  • Daniel Marques

    man, I just loved skater nation!

  • SD4ever

    hey, the 2d flash games are all badly done clones of the original stair dismount... but stair'n'truck dismount are the real thing

  • Somerandomdude

    Can't wait for Skate Nation. Finally a full skateboarding game on the iPhone. It's a bit disappointing that THPS2 didn't make it though, that's one of the greatest of all time.

    It's not going to be as good as Grind though. Nothing will ever be that good. Not even Eliminate.

  • SkippyThorson

    I don't understand why everyone said that all the Driver games were so hard, I loved the first 2, and especially Parallel Lines (Driv3r wasn't amazing) I beat them all without cheating.

    Grand Theft Auto however was another story. Cheat-city, my friends. Which I have to note, I hate when people call Driver the knock-off; they did the 3D world first! 😛

    I can't wait for Driver! I remember it so fondly. Definitely one of my favorite game franchises ever! I'll certainly pay $10 at launch. 🙂

    • kam

      driver IS the knockoff.

      they did 3d first, but the idea of the game was VERY much inspired by gta. thats the reason i remember me and all my mates wanted it. "its supposed to be like GTA but 3d!!!...but u cant get out the car...but still!"

      thats EXACTLY what everyone wanted to get it for.

      so to say its not a knock off JUST because it went 3d first is a ridiculous statement.

      • SkippyThorson

        You know what, I remember that now. I remember telling that to all my friends. Then they would ask me about it, and I would tell them that the cop chases are amazing, the driving is great, and the missions are challenging and fun... 'but guns? Oh, well no. Eh, no, you can't leave your car either, so no actual grand theft...'

        To be fair and unbiased, they both borrowed from one another, but if I were forced to pick a favorite, I already mentioned my stance. I would have to say Rockstar has gone a little far with the "stories" games too. Innovate, please?

  • polyplay

    Honestly, Secret Exit could make a game called "Super Watching Paint Dry EXTREME!!!" and I'd buy it.

    They're just that good, people.

    • blackHorse

      Yeah, "Super Watching Paint Dry EXTREME!!!" describes Zen Bound perfectly.

  • mike adams

    skater nation would look cool if they didnt try to make the skaters look all 1998-xtreme-rad-asses.

  • blackHorse

    Driver was good in 1999. The sequels have been garbage.

    Skater Nation - oh yeah! Will get that one when it drops to FREE!!!

    Stair Dismount - that game is sick, I don't want to push my friends down the stairs. The the breaking bones sound is just gross. I thought Apple didn't allow such stuff, that's bad for the kids you know.

    • SkippyThorson

      What happened to "if you don't have something good to say"? I understand it's free speech, but really? List the reasons why you won't get all three? Not saying anything would have been just as good.

    • sk8erdude50

      wow r u serious...

      • sk8erdude50

        i was talking about what blackhorse said at the end- i mean seriously?! Since when is a cracking sound from a ragdoll (not even a human being!) bad for kids. Do u think they will start jumping off stairs to imitate the game? I hate it when people think how kids are so dumb.

  • SteffenMoss

    Can't wait till Driver hits the AppStore!