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Upcoming Game Videos: ‘Driver’, ‘Skater Nation’, ‘Stair Dismount’


Gameloft has posted a teaser/cinematic video which reveals they are bringing Driver to the iPhone. The original Driver game was first released in 1999 to critical acclaim. The game plot was as follows:

Tanner, an NYPD detective gone undercover due to his impressive driving skills, must gain the confidence of the syndicate’s bosses by performing increasingly difficult missions such as stopping or following another car, driving through windows, delivering a stolen car or scaring a taxi customer

No actual gameplay is shown, but we’ll post more as we get it. Driver is due in December.

Skater Nation

Meanwhile, a proper gameplay trailer for their Gameloft’s upcoming skateboarding game Skater Nation was also released. This shows a lot of the gameplay for their Tony Hawk Pro Skater-alike. Full featured skateboarding games have been a rarity on the iPhone, so we expect this one to do quite well when it comes out.

Stair Dismount

Finally, Secret Exit released their first gameplay video of their Stair Dismount game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We took a look at this interesting title earlier this week. This one’s also due soon.