There was a sense of excitement with rumors that Lego Batman would arrive for the iPhone, but the actual release has been a big disappointment.

Lego Batman: Gotham City Games [App Store, $5.99] was released last night to the App Store and is described by the developers as a "companion game" to the full version of the game.

Take on the variety challenges thrown at you by the Heroes and Villains of Gotham. Throughout Gotham City you will find 16 classic stylized minigames that take you from deep within the heart of Wayne Manor, through the night’s sky piloting the swift LEGO Batwing, and even solve some of The Riddler’s most mind bending puzzles. Each challenge is linked together by a brand new story, shown through beautiful hand rendered cut scenes, backed by a full orchestral soundtrack.

Instead of the expected 3D action game, iPhone users are given a series of "stylized minigames" tied together with comicbook scenes. As an example, "Batman Boxing" is simply a Simon-like memory game where players repeat taps on a punching bag in the given order. It's hard to see even die hard Batman fans willing to pay $5.99 for this collection of simplistic mini-games.

App Store Link: Lego Batman, $5.99

  • Fat Phil

    90 Meg? For what looks like a poor flash game?

    12+ age rating? For a Lego game?


  • along123

    obviously, they're not interested in the iphone as a gaming platform. if you want to play their game, then buy their full version. 'nuff said.

  • Tim Dunne

    Rubbish pure rubbish, apple should be rejecting crap like that!

  • darwiniandude

    This rubbish might suffice on a Nokia or Sony Erricson as a downloadable java game, but iPhone gamers expect a lot more. Fail, epic fail.

  • Mike

    That is disappointing. They could have given us a great 3D game but instead they give us crap. At least EA is *trying* to release good full-featured games. Even if they don't always succeed (Spore).

  • Robort Mugabe

    I love how critical you all are, having not even played it or looked at more than one screenshot, LOLS

    That said...

  • arn

    @Robort: for what it's worth, I've played it.


  • kinl

    looks like most companies are still seeing the iPhone in the same way they've seen mobile (cellular) games, more as a platform to advertise "real" games rather than a contender along with the psp and ds...

    oh well, leaves more space for us indy developers 🙂

  • Nick Ellis

    Another piece of crap from Warner, following in the footsteps of that awful Batmobile "game".

  • RedSt★R

    I think it's sad that after development, licences, and so forth that they submit these titles as if they had any comparison to the other platforms they've been released on.

    I relize iPhone isn't quite there yet but it's damn close, and submitting apps that are given names by association is more or less giving you false pretenses about what it's going to be.......and then you look at the screen shots and your like "WTF"

    I don't really think you can concider that "Lego" batman, and I doubt if it'll entice anyone to be the real versions & if you have the real versions already your just gonna laugh.

  • Brett Archibald

    "Robort Mugabe Says:"

    Erm... Robort Mugabe????? WTF dude? Who are we gonna have on here next? Adolf Hitler? Saddam Hussein?

  • Steve

    that really sucks, oh well one less game to buy

  • adolf

    Hey... What's wrong with seeing me!

  • Steve

    haha can't even get it in the Canada store.

  • Saddam

    Im gona kill yaeh! damn these stupid games

  • applesauce25r624

    absolutely horrible

    die, batman !

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  • Osama Bin Laden

    pfft you guys talk to much

  • Margeret Thatcher

    I say

  • VictorC

    Well...i love i like this game...whats the problem about it...its very funny see all the villanes and alfred or robin in a lego form....And its the way to have fun while you wait for your girlfriend at her house door.
    If you dont like it just dont buy it...i mean the good point is that you can pay for serious games as Brothers in arms, Ferrari GT, TouchGrind, Kroll, spore.... or if you prefer you have no so serious as Batman, Frenzic(Soooo Goood), space monkey, .....Anyway I love em allllllll....!!!!!yeeessss

    The game is clear in its description....Throughout Gotham city you will find 16 CLASIC STYLIZED MINIGAMES...what is the point in dissapoints...
    Sometimes I cant understand nothing

  • Paul O'Connor

    Is this game appearing on other mobile platforms? Looks like the usual attempt to hit as many platforms as possible with the "Batman Lego" brand (which strikes me as a strange match for the iPhone in any case).

  • Spiny Norman

    I thought this game was kinda cute and my nephew absolutely loves it. It's LEGO frigging Batman, not the Dark Knight (now there's a crap iphone 'game'). It's not the console game, but it doesn't pretend to be!

  • Sir William

    I for one find it impossible to justify spending a penny on overpriced junk like this, where there are top notch titles like Rolando, Katamari and KamiCrazy recently released.

  • Volkert

    Bought it with the excellent console lego batman games in mind - it is absolutely horrible. Stay away from it at all rates

  • Nicolai

    Even more disapointing when buying the game in AppStore and it does'nt work? Nicolai