In a somewhat surprise release, Resolution Interactive has released Clusterball [App Store] to the App Store tonight.

We previously highlighted some impressive footage of the game, but haven't heard much since August.

Strap yourself down in the hot seat of a high performance aircraft and get ready for a true adrenaline rush. Clusterball(r) Arcade is a fast paced action game played in third person.

In Clusterball Arcade your objective is to collect balls from ramps and score them through ring shaped checkpoints. Success is highly dependent on your skill to avoid obstacles and hazards that come rushing towards you. Grab power ups and time balls to get an extra advantage in order to complete the stages. Play 10 gradually more demanding stages in real life locations such as Monument Valley, Halong Bay and Bering Strait. Flying fast and playing well will set you up nicely for the Final Stage, if you got the balls to reach it that is.

Remember, in Clusterball Arcade time is not on your side.

Originally billed as Clusterball 2, the final version that has appeared into the App Store is Clusterball Arcade. This video still represents the game (though some of the startup screens are different) and will have a full review shortly:

App Store Link: Clusterball Arcade

  • mavis

    It's great to see this is finally out - I've been waiting for this one for a while now! That said, it's disappointing to see it launched at $10, when so many other apps launched at that price have since been slashed WAY down ... I'd love to see arn or blakespot (or whoever does the review) address this directly: in your opinion, is the game actually worth the asking price? I mean, when other racing-type apps are going for a fraction of the price (Cro-Mag Rally comes to mind - $1.99, down from $10, right?) is Clusterball slick enough (production wise: graphics, audio, controls) and does it have enough depth + replay value to warrant the (comparitively) high price? Does it feel like a port, or does it actually feel like a 'made for iPhone' game?

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the review! 🙂

  • MJ

    what he ^ said =]

  • arn

    fyi, the video is pretty accurate. screens are a little different. basic play is same.


  • Noah

    I'll be waiting for the price drop before buying.

  • Dude

    Wow! I just bought this game and it is really cool!! By first impression this must be one of the best games for iPhone so far. Really cool with the global ranking. Watch out for the Dude in top of the scores. A classic!? I think so...

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  • NotYou

    I'm really loving this game. It's hard, but that's good. A lot of iPhone games get easy fast. I don't see me beating this anytime soon.

    They need to clear up their description. They say there's ten stages, but they don't mention that each stage has multiple tracks. This game is much bigger than I thought it was. All around, it's pretty awesome. I'm impressed.

  • CloneWars

    I really like this game so far,
    Graphics are nice game plays steady
    and it loks like there might be some replay value
    Ill update more once im further in

  • wintermoot

    just a caution. in my opinion at least, the texture resolution in the release version is at least 1/2 the quality of the earlier videos released before the game launched.

    you'd expect that the game would be "faster" at least because of this, but I don't see it.

    Kind of regretting this purchase as I'm sure itl be 99 cents in a month rofl.

    but yea, just look at the ship and track, the textures went from crisp to mush on most things

  • Patric Karlsson

    My name is Patric Karlsson and work as the CEO at Resolution Interactive. First, thank you all for the very useful and constructive comments in regards to Clusterball Arcade.

    Just want to say that we today have uploaded a patch that will take care of memory and audio issues as well as that we have added a infoscreen. Also, we reworded the landing screen where we mention the importance of creating a online profile to upload highscores.

    If any of you have some ideas on what we should add to the followup title to this game, please let us know. Also, what do you think of the ghostplay?

  • SalsaMD

    @ Patric

    Thanks for checking in. You may want to check out the Forum post under keyword "Clusterball" for more user responses.