‘Ikanoid’ Becomes ‘Space Buster’ – Free For A Limited Time

Storybird has just released an update to and changed the name of it’s Arkanoid-style ball and paddle game, Ikanoid.  The new name of this updated version is Space Buster [App Store]–and “for a limited time," the game is available as a free download to mark the update and name change.

Ikanoid Space Buster was the favored title in our early Arkanoid / Breakout game roundup.

With its excellent sound effects and responsiveness, it really provides a solid arcade feeling.

The availability of power up capsules are abundant, but aren’t so powerful that they necessarily detract from the basic gameplay.

The latest version features the following updates:

  • 45 new levels (total 100)
  • Bug fixes
  • Faster engine
  • Better physics
  • Smoother framerate
  • iPod background music support
  • New background music tunes
  • New product name
  • New warp effect
  • New loading screen

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