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‘Low Grav Racer’ (Wipeout-Like Racer) Coming Soon

Developers must hate it when we draw one word comparisons with existing games, but “Wipeout-like" is the most concise way for us to relay our (good) impressions of CobraMobile’s Low Grav Racer .

Pocketgamer.co.uk pointed out the video for this nice looking title which is available from YouTube or in high quality QuickTime or WMV formats.

The game appears to be a track racer in which you pilot a ship flying in low gravity. Special items can be picked up, including a speed boost (lightning bolt). The game comes from CobraMobile who is also responsible for Numba [App Store] and Mouse About [App Store]. We previously looked at Mouse About which was a remarkably polished game. It certainly gives us a lot of hope for the quality of Low Grav Racer.