TeemSoft, Inc appears to be doing everything they can to boost sales. After releasing a free demo version of their CubicMan game, they have now dropped the price from $4.99 to $2.99 for the full version, CubicMan Deluxe [App Store].

The new price appears to be permanent as there is no indication that this is a one time sale.

Readers should, of course, try the 10 level demo version called CubicMan Lite [App Store] which is available for free.

We previously reviewed the full title and found the game to be fun and challenging.

  • Morgan Daly

    Have been playing the lite version today and love it. I might just get the full version. I probably would have happily paid the original price though.

  • Brett

    I bought this game quite awhile ago, before there was even a lite version, and I can highly reccomend it. I've since completed it, but having spoken to the developer, he says a free update is in the pipeline which will offer even more levels!

  • johann

    Very fun game. I really like when developers issue lite versions. I cleared the lite version twice and found I kept coming back wanting more so the price drop on the full version was most welcome.

  • Barbmath

    Actually, should be called "RectangularPrismMan"!