Track Xbox Live Buddies on the iPhone with iXboxLive

For many of you out there, the iPhone is not your only gaming console.  Those among you who also spend time on Xbox Live may find interest in Nicholas Pike’s recent App Store release iXboxLive [App Store].

In short, iXboxLive is your Xbox Live “buddy list" on your iPhone.  iXboxLive allows you to

  • View your buddy list as you’ve defined it
  • See what your buddies are currently playing
  • See your buddies’ gamer pic, gamer score, gamer reputation, and location
  • See your buddies’ list of recent games including scores and last-played dates

The major shortcoming of this app is that you must manually enter the gamertag of each buddy you would like to track.  The author explains that this is due to restrictions in the Microsoft Xbox Community Developer SDK and that, unfortunately, the load-time of iXboxLive will increase significantly for each gamertag added to the list.

iXboxLive retails for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store.  Despite its shortcomings, diehard Xbox Live gamers may find it of use.

[ via Kotaku ]