Aug 15, 2008 Update: Read our full review of Toy Bot Diaries and QuicklyBored have published a few screenshots from an upcoming game called Toy Bot Diaries for the iPhone.

The game comes from IUGO Mobile Entertainment, creator of EA's Boom Blox mobile and Tiger Woods '07, and is described as a "stylized, interactive, physics-based" environment that balances intuitive controls and challenging puzzles. The game has been designed specifically for the iPhone with its unique capabilities. describes the game controls:

So you'll tilt the phone to move Toy Bot, while tapping on items makes him grab them, whereas tapping the robot himself turns his magnet boots on to hang from walls and ceilings.

The lead developer Aaron Lake told Quicklybored, "We’re really excited about the uniqueness and ease of play coming together to create a truly enthralling experience for iPhone owners".

The backstory to the game appears to be partially depicted in this comic strip:

Tiny Toy Bot has awakened within a strange machine and now he needs your help! Use Toy Bot’s handy grappling hook and magnet boots to navigate him through environments teeming with physics-based challenges as he plunges into an unfamiliar world. Simply tilt to make him walk, or touch to have him grapple onto any metal object. Tap Toy Bot to toggle his magnet boots and have him hang from metal walls and ceilings. Without his memories, Toy Bot needs you to pull him through his debut adventure.

  • Michael

    Sounds pretty interesting, the idea of tilting the phone to move my guy around but also being able to hang from walls and the ceiling with magnet boots is pretty cool. I don't know how much I would pay for this game but I surely hope they price it right because the game isn't interesting enough to be a $9.99 app but it does enough for it to be a complete steal at $1.99.

  • arn

    since this is a big publisher, I'd expect it to be very well done and also priced on the higher end of the spectrum.

  • Chase

    Micheal, that was a dumb F!@#ing comment. No offence, I'm just tired of people saying that games don't deserve to be priced at $10.00, but should be only $4.99 or less. Okay, well, think of a cell phone game, average price, around seven dollars if you buy it from your cell, these are practically 1/3 of the game you would get from the appstore, and people don't have a problem paying for that. And if your that cheap that you can't but a game worth $10 then why are you even concidering, let alone buying, and iphone or iPod Touch witch range from $250, for the iPhone 3g, no including plans, to the iPod Touch 32Gig witch i personaly have, witch is like $550 with tax. Charging $2.00 for an app like this would be bull..... <<<<Venting I would gladly pay $10 if this game was polished, and had a desent amount of levels... 🙂

  • Oliver

    Nintendo DS games cost (Germany) from 30 to 40 Euros. Monkeyball for the iPhone costs 8 Euros. Eight! Of course, most games currently available for the iPhone are just very small ones, but come on, we talk about VERY low prices for them and the platform just started! Even 8 Euros or 10 Dollars for a great game like Monkeyball is like selling it for free, compared to what it costs on other platforms. The iPhone is a similar gaming device like the PSP or the DS, so since the DS games are much overpriced and developing for the iPhone is much cheaper than for the DS a price of 20 Euros for a game would be ok. But even the most expensive games out there cost only 8 Euros!

    I just don't understand why people don't wanna buy software for a reasonable price. They got hours of fun for just a few bucks.

  • Daniel Glover

    The iphone games I have played have not been anywhere near the quality of ds games. Super monkey ball is the only one that comes close. I enjoy playing games on my ipod touch but so far I have not seen any games worth more than $10. They are mostly on the level of online flash games.

  • Chase

    Online Flash games are free? And Haave you seen a racing game on the DS, the Racing games on the iPhone compare. Also, i personaly think brain challenege is better on the iPhone....But if you insist on saying appStore games are worth nothing, then don't even both posting your oppinion and just go get the cracked version, I'm not going to lie, when i see an expensive game and am not sure if i want to buy it, I'll just go and get the cracked version as a sort of demo... There's like twenty sites you can find them on..

  • Oliver

    If a single developer or a team of developers create a good game, we should be fair enough to pay them a similar amount than we pay on other mobile gaming platforms - minus some dollars, because developing for the iPhone and distributing is much cheaper here.

    We are just at the beginning. iPhone and iPod touch weren't developed as a gaming platform in mind, but go this way, due to the hardware capabilities. We will see more and more bigger games coming to the platform during the next months. It's ok that the current games sell for 80 cent, 5 dollars or even 10 dollars. Great games could be sold for 20 dollars. That would be fine, if they can be compared to similar console games. But I'm confident, that we'll see plenty of "real" games, looking at the current announcements like Asphalt 4 or Star Wars. I'm hoping for a nice Mario Kart or Hot Wheels clone (which runs smooth) and something like Metroid Pinball. An RPG of course would also be nice, like Fire Emblem. And Trackmania.

    And, as a side note, the DS also has many "small" games, but they are not sold for 80 cent or 5 dollars, but as a fully-charged game. Take a look at Tetris, Kawashima (i.e. Brain Challenge) or Actionloop (i.e. Circulate). We even have pipe dreams or frogger on the DS, and of course Space Invaders...

  • mikeadams

    10$ for an awesome iPhone game is doable. I've only purchased smb and crash for that amount. They don't hold my interest as much as other 5$ (vey) or free apps (jirbo break, aurora feint) but I think it would make a good 8-10$ game. But something slapped together like 72 par golf is not even close to being 10$

  • sandler83

    I brought it. Its USD$3.99. It is nice game. I love it. For the price, its a great game. Beats all the 9.99 games hands down.