Manta Research Releases Free ‘Cubes Lite’, Discounts ‘Cubes’

Game developers are increasingly offering ‘Lite’ or demo versions of their games. Today, Manta Research has released Cubes Lite [App Store] a free 3-level version of their unique 3D puzzle game that gives you a taste of the full version.

Cubes takes the traditional 3D blocks game to a new dimension by presenting the player with a fully-populated 3D block of cubes (5×5×5) and challenging him/her to clear the puzzle and achieve the level’s target score. We’ve previously reviewed the game but the graphics have since been revamped to be more appealing.

While the full version of Cubes normally goes for $2.99, Manta Research appears to have discounted the game down to $0.99 [App Store] for a “limited time". The full version offers unlimited levels, and for only $0.99 more, if you have any interest after playing the Lite version, it seems a good time to upgrade.