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The 2015 football season is over, but you can still play REAL football with Pro Strategy Football, now 40% off! And be s…
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The 2015 football season is over, but you can still play REAL football with Pro Strategy Football, now 40% off! And be sure to watch for PSF 2016 next August!

And now edit your teams and players names!

Also check out, PSF Career, which has the same coaching engine and options, but is for players who want to focus on Franchise play, building one team up over time through players aging, seven-round drafts, career stats and leaders, etc.

You've been waiting for a *strategy* football game, a game where you win by knowing football, not by having the twitchiest fingers, a game where you're not limited to canned plays in someone else's playbook, but where you can tweak any part of your offense or defense every single down!

If you love American Football strategy, welcome to Pro Strategy Football 2015! If flexibility, strategy, realism, and stats are what you're looking for, you've found it all here! Deal with injuries, weather, bad luck (and good luck), and best of all, the computer never, ever cheats! If a play goes against you and you did everything right, welcome to real football!

PSF is great for flexibility in matching up any two teams at any time or playing the 2015 season over and over with the option of coaching any or all teams.

If you want to learn football, PSF is a coach’s clinic! Every play, formation, shift, and more has in-game help describing the pros and cons. You can also play Casual mode to ease into the game. Ask the AI for advice and even ask it to suggest a play for you!

Play a Quick Game against the computer or a friend in Pass and Play. Choose any two teams. Choose your difficulty and even which style of play calling you prefer, diagram or tabs. You can let the AI simulate any games, and simulations actually play every down of every game!

This game isn't for lightweights who rely only on fast fingers. You have to pay attention to your men's ratings, as well as your opponent's. Find their weaknesses and your strengths. If they find your weaknesses, find a way to fill it! Let up, or stay in one defense, and you’ll see your lead melt away.

Game and Season stats and leaders are here - offensive, defensive, and special teams! Check the leaders in any category! Game achievements like breaking 100 yards rushing, and season milestones and streaks. Want to see when your QB broke 2000 yards for the season, or maybe check out his current passing streak without interceptions? In PSF 2015 Season play, you can view achievements by week or by team.

You’ll love offense in PSF! In Casual play, tell your offensive coordinator you want to throw a short pass, and leave the other details to him! In hard-core play, choose your formation, your play, even down to the pass pattern, and hold back extra blockers to pick up a blitz, or send them out to attack zones!

Defense gurus love PSF, too! In Casual play, tell your defensive coordinator, “I think he’s running inside, defend against it.” In hard-core play, choose your formation and coverage, assign individual blitzers, shift your line, key on flow or double-team their hot receiver!

You can even view replays of all the key plays of any saved single game and EVERY SINGLE SEASON GAME! Go back and watch the highlights of that key game back in week two! Watch the winning drive as the home team converts a fourth down and comes from behind!

No Limits
- save as many games as you like
- turn animation on or off
- Play in clear skies, rain, or the snow (and turn the particles on or off)
- Manage the clock! Tell your players to try for the sidelines
- Randomness and real ratings make every game different! Dont get frustrated if you had too many penalties that game, or if your QB was off - play a rematch!

Thousands of Offensive Variations! Extensive Defensive Options! Formations, motion, line shifts, passing routes, play action, and much, much more!
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