PSF 2016

Watch for PSF 2017 in late September, with lots more options and improved playcalling!

PSF now includes all the…
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Watch for PSF 2017 in late September, with lots more options and improved playcalling!

PSF now includes all the features that were in two games, combining the flexibility of the Head Coach app and the franchise features of Career, and adds great new features! I'll be adding game play videos to my youtube channel,

This realistic simulation of American football is for fans who love coaching, managing, or even simulating games, weeks, or entire seasons. This isn't a twitch game, but a game where you learn and use strategy as a Manager, Head Coach, or both!

As Coach, PSF gives you real ratings, weather, injuries, penalties, everything you expect in a real simulation!

Coach at Beginner or Expert level. Design plays on the fly and create custom playbooks!

On the career side, trade draft picks, watch your players age, make choices in training camp and team drills, as you struggle to get to the top and stay there! You can coach, or let the AI coach your team if you prefer to focus only on management!

Edit teams' and players' names!

Career offers management features:
- Scout the upcoming draft
- Trade draft picks - trade picks from up to two years out!
- Allocate your team drills
- Run mini camps for key players
- Watch your young players improve (and your experienced players start to show their age)

As Coach:
- Real Strategy! Not a twitchy game, but one where you outwit your opponent!
- Real clock strategies on offense and defense!
- Deal with fatigue on both sides of the ball.
- Beginner and Expert coaching difficulty levels.
- Call your plays right on the field diagram.
- PSF is also a coaching clinic, with a wealth of in-game training and a virtual encyclopedia of terms and strategy!
- Play against the AI or your friend in hot swap

In Career play, manage your team across many seasons with players aging, yearly draft, and career leaders. In non-career play, create any matchups you want and coach either side. Replay the 2016 season, coaching any or all teams!

All stats and leaders are here! Scout players on teams, review game highlights and watch replays!

The simulation plays every down of every game, rather than predicting the winner. And it's blazing fast! Simulate complete seasons in mere seconds!

For fans of American Football, PSF 2016 has it all!
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