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Remastered ‘Advance Wars’-like Turn-Based Strategy Title ‘Warbits Plus’ is Launching on May 7th, Pre-Orders Live Now

Oh boy. Would you believe that tomorrow is the ten-year anniversary of our very first post about the then-upcoming Warbits from Risky Lab? I’m always shocked when something that feels like it was only yesterday actually was a decade ago. Anyway, as a quick recap Warbits was Risky Lab’s take on the classic Advance Wars series of turn-based strategy games. It was announced in April of 2014 and released a couple of years later in April of 2016, and they more or less nailed what they were going for with Warbits, as evidenced in our original review and our Game of the Week nod from back then. Unfortunately, as is often the case on mobile, the technology used to build the original Warbits slowly started to break down as the years moved on and new iOS devices and operating systems were released. A few years back Risky Lab announced that they would rebuild Warbits from the ground up with support for modern iOS devices, cross-platform support with a planned PC version, community creation support, and loads of other cool new features. They call this version Warbits Plus, and here’s its trailer.

Obviously rebuilding a game is no small undertaking, and Risky Lab has been at it for a few years now, most recently running a large scale beta test in the fall of last year. Now it looks like the light is finally at the end of the tunnel as today Risky Lab has announced a May 7th release date for Warbits Plus. Yes, it’s finally happening! The game will be just five dollarydoos, just like the original, and you can pre-order the iOS version on the App Store here or pre-register for the Android version over on the Google Play Store here. I’m not historically a big turn-based strategy person, but loved the Advance Wars games back in the day and also loved the original Warbits when it arrived 8 years ago. I’m really looking forward to revisiting and discovering all the new stuff when Warbits Plus launches in a couple of weeks.