New ‘Minecraft’ Update Out Now Adds New Wolf Variations, Armadillos, Realms Stories, and More on All Platforms

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Mojang just released a new Minecraft ($1.99) Bedrock update on all supported platforms bringing in the Armadillo mob, new wolf variants, Realms Stories, and more. This update, patch 1.20.80 is out on mobile, but has just started rolling out on consoles and PC. The full patch notes mention wolf armor, the story feed in Realms Stories, Realms Events (19 unique ones so far), friends enhancements, new experimental features (mace, heavy core, and more), and many fixes and improvements including technical updates. Alongside today’s new update that focuses on the Wolf variants, Realms Stories, and armadillo mob, Mojang has released a new trailer. Watch it below:

If you’ve not kept up with Minecraft in a while, there’s a Marketplace Pass subscription available. Details for that are here. This subscription is available to access from all devices with Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It is going to be interesting to see what Mojang releases for Minecraft leading into June where we will likely learn more about the next major update and DLC for the game. Hopefully we see some of the spin-offs hit mobile natively as well in the future. What do you think of this new Minecraft update and did you end up trying the Minecraft Marketplace Pass?

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