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Advance Wars-Like ‘Warbits’ from Risky Lab Is Being Rebuilt from the Ground Up for Modern Devices with Cross Platform Play, Quality of Life Improvements, and More

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Warbits ($4.99) from Risky Lab is a fun take on the classic Advance Wars gameplay. Read our review of the original game here. Following the launch, Risky Lab brought in new features and content with even iMessage invite support (remember that?). It has been a while since the game launched and the developers have announced that it is being rebuilt from the ground up to support moden screen sizes and devices with cross platform play, community creation support, quality of life improvements, and more. This announcement Tweet mentions a PC and Android release. The new version of Warbits is titled Warbits+ (not to be confused with Apple Arcade “+" releases). If you’ve never played Warbits, watch some gameplay below:

Warbits has been a game I’ve dipped into on and off for a while but I hadn’t played it in recent times but I’m interested to see how Warbits+ ends up being. The developers also mention that the game is in development but the final form isn’t set in stone yet, but they are pushing to have it done. Until then, the official Risky Lab Discord server linked here has details on the current state of the game, some screenshots, and more. The game seems to have done well as mentioned in its postmortem. We featured it as our Game of the Week when it launched. Did you play it before and are you looking forward to more Warbits?

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