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‘Warbits+’ Open Beta Signups Now Available for a Limited Time on iOS and Steam

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Warbits ($2.99) from Risky Lab was always a fun take on the classic Advance Wars gameplay. Read our review of the original game here. If you’ve not played Advance Wars yet, read Shaun’s review of the recent Switch collection here. Risky Lab then announced that the game is being rebuilt from the ground up to support modern screen sizes and devices with cross platform play, community creation support, quality of life improvements, and more for mobile and PC. Today, open beta sign ups have gone live on Steam and iOS. Risky Lab says these will remain open until September 20th, and you can get the TestFlight link via the developer’s discord server here. Watch the announcement trailer for the game below:

Warbits+ has been officially announced to hit PC next month, but there isn’t a timeframe for the mobile version yet. You can wishlist it on Steam or download the demo on Steam here. Warbits+ will feature 6 campaign missions, 4 skirmish missions, 4 puzzle missions, a map editor, and support for both local and online multiplayer. The original mobile game seems to have done well as mentioned in its postmortem. We featured it as our Game of the Week when it launched as well. I’m looking forward to trying the Warbits+ open beta on Steam Deck and iPad later today. Check out the official website here. Did you play Warbits before and are you looking forward to more Warbits+?

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