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‘Dicey Dungeons’ Mobile Version Launching on July 7th With Huge Reunion DLC Included

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After a very long wait, Terry Cavanagh’s dungeon crawling roguelite deckbuiler hybrid experience Dicey Dungeons ($4.99) is coming to mobile platforms next week alongside a huge free DLC pack on all platforms. This DLC will be included in the mobile version from the start. If you’re not familiar with Terry and play on mobile (how is that possible?), he is responsible for the brilliant Super Hexagon and VVVVVV. Following the original Dicey Dungeons announcement, it launched on multiple platforms including Switch, Steam, and even Xbox. Shaun loved it on Switch. Read his review of it here. Dicey Dungeons is another game that felt like it would be perfect on mobile, and having owned it and played a bit across Switch and Steam, I definitely am excited to see hit come to iPad next week. Watch the trailer for the Switch version below:

While Dicey Dungeons hitting mobile is a huge deal for us, the other platforms will get the new content as free DLC in the form the Reunion DLC that includes about 4-5 hours of new content across six new episodes. These feature new rules, cutscenes, a new soundtrack, and more. Dicey Dungeons will be hitting iOS and Android on July 7th. It will be available here when the store page is live for the App Store and here for Google Play. Head over to our forum thread for the game here for some impressions from the mobile beta that took place recently. Have you played Dicey Dungeons yet or were you waiting for the mobile version that releases next week?

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