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‘Super Hexagon’ and ‘VVVVVV’ Developer’s Next Game is ‘Dicey Dungeons’ and It’s Heading to Mobile

If you’re developer Terry Cavanagh and you basically kickstarted the twitch games craze with the all-time classic Super Hexagon ($2.99), and explored the gravity-flipping platforming genre to its absolute fullest with the brilliant VVVVVV ($2.99), you could probably just hang up your hat and coast on those successes until the end of time. But if you follow along with Cavanag online, you know he likes to tinker around with new gaming ideas all the time, but those don’t always end up becoming full, playable games. So when something he’s tinkering around with DOES become a full game, you can be pretty sure that means it’s going to be a good one. Such is the case with Dicey Dungeons, a game that spawned from this year’s 7DRL Challenge, a game jam where you have a week to create a brand new roguelike game from scratch. Cavanagh released a playable but not quite finished build of Dicey Dungeons after the challenge ended, and since then has been working on polishing it up. And apparently things are looking quite good as yesterday he announced that Dicey Dungeons would be his next commercial product and that he thinks it’s “shaping up to be one of my best games."

Over on Cavanagh’s blog, he has conducted an interview between himself and the dice character from Dicey Dungeons in an effort to get some information out there about the game. First off we know that this won’t be a free game, and instead will be just the third game Cavanagh has released that he’s decided to charge money for, joining Super Hexagon and VVVVVV. The game currently has three playable classes, but the plan is to have six for the final release, since six is sort of the lucky number for Cavanagh. There’s about three months left of work to go on the game so we can expect it later this year, and it’ll be arriving on Steam for desktop initially with plans to bring it to iOS and Android “shortly afterwards." You can try out the various in-progress playable builds on the game’s website, and you can even join the Dicey Dungeons Discord server (aka the Dicecord) if you want to provide early player feedback. I’ve loved everything Cavanagh has ever released, so obviously I’m looking forward to much more about Dicey Dungeons as its development continues.