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‘Fantasy Life Online’ from Level-5 Is Shutting Down in Japan Next Month

After it launched back in July 2018, Fantasy Life Online for iOS and Android is shutting down in Japan (via Gematsu) next month. Fantasy Life Online is the follow-up to the amazing Nintendo 3DS game Fantasy Life. Fantasy Life Online was recently announced to get a Western release through Boltrend Games on iOS and Android. The announcement of service ending is only for Japan as of now. It is unclear whether the Western release is affected by this Japanese closure right now. The Western publisher, Boltrend Games, has brought over many Japanese games to the West over the years like Disgaea RPG and Arc the Lad R. Check out Shaun’s hands-on with Fantasy Life Online from TGS 2018 here. Watch the Fantasy Life Online Japanese gameplay trailer below:

Fantasy Life Online service will shut down on December 15th in Japan at 14:00 JST. The reason for shutting the game down is that Level-5 couldn’t provide a satisfactory experience going forward. If you’d like to play the original Japanese version before it shuts down, you need to make a Japanese iTunes account. Here’s a guide on how to make an iTunes account for another region which is even useful for soft launched games. Fantasy Life Online is available for free (until December 15th) on both iOS and Android in Japan. I hope the Western release still happens because I loved Fantasy Life on 3DS and want to play the mobile follow up. Check out the official Western Fantasy Life Online website from Boltrend Games here and the official Facebook page here. Did you play Fantasy Life Online through the Japanese release and are you looking forward to the upcoming Western version?

[Source: Gematsu]