‘PUBG Mobile’ Version 1.1 Is Out Now on iOS and Android Bringing in the ‘Metro Exodus’ Collaboration with Metro Royale and More

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After Tencent finally brought the big 1.0 update for PUBG Mobile (Free) to iOS and Android, the first major update to the game has gone live in the form of PUBG Mobile version 1.1. The focus of this update is the Metro Exodus collaboration that brings in Metro Royale, new gear, map changes, new pursuits, support for upcoming festivals, and more. PUBG Mobile has had collaborations with many console games already like Resident Evil 2 remake. The Metro Exodus collaboration brings in special monsters from the metro series in the new Metro Royale mode for a limited time as well with new environments and new erangel-themed maps, mini-map markers, being able to throw melee weapons, and more. Watch the collaboration trailer below:

If you missed the big 1.0 update that added a wealth of improvements to visuals and performance in addition to the new content, read this. PUBG Mobile 1.1 is a 1.9 GB download on iOS. The update has gone live on the App Store and Google Play in many regions and is still rolling out worldwide. PUBG Mobile has come a long way on iOS and Android since it launched a few years ago. Make sure to join our Discord server here to squad up with others playing it on iOS. Do you still play it regularly and what do you think of PUBG Mobile‘s current state compared to Call of Duty: Mobile and how that game is evolving with every new update?


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