‘PUBG Mobile’ Version 1.0 Bringing New Erangel, Graphics Upgrades, Performance Improvements, New Animations, and More Is Out Now Worldwide

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Last month, Tencent revealed that PUBG Mobile (Free) would finally hit 1.0 on iOS and Android bringing in a wealth of new features and improvements across the board. The last major update was PUBG Mobile version 0.19.0 that brought a new nordic themed map, the new Royale Pass Season, and more. The PUBG Mobile 1.0 update has just gone live on iOS and Android worldwide. It is a 2.2GB download on iOS. This includes new Erangel, graphics improvements, performance boosts, improved gameplay, and more with an overhauled interface. This update comes soon after the game was banned in India is an important market for the game. PUBG Corporation just put out a statement for this detailing how they will bring the game back. Watch the trailer for new Erangel in a brief tour video below:

For Erangel, buildings like the Quarry and Prison have been fully upgraded. A hidden basement has been added as well alongside cannons, abandoned vehicles, and more. Cheer Park expands with an upgraded training ground with a shooting range, hot air balloon, and more. Other changes and improvements include changes in how the interface displays information to players with new lobbies and a visual upgrade to the gameplay in addition to improved feedback and special effects during games. PUBG Mobile has come a long way on iOS and Android since it launched a few years ago. Make sure to join our Discord server here to squad up with others playing it on iOS. Do you still play it regularly and what do you think of PUBG Mobile‘s current state compared to Call of Duty: Mobile and how that game is evolving with every new update?


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