‘Terraria’ 1.4 Journey’s End Finally Releases Tomorrow on Mobile Bringing a Ton of Changes and Additions across the Board

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Terraria ($4.99) on mobile has been improving a lot over time and it was already pretty fantastic. With the big 1.3 update and then full controller support, I stopped bothering with Terraria on consoles and stuck to the iOS version. If you’ve not played Terraria on mobile yet, read our original 5 star review of it. With updates like the local multiplayer update, the Hard Mode update, and the version 1.3 update arriving, many were wondering when the big Journey’s End content update would hit Terraria on iOS and Android. Over the weekend, Re-Logic finally announced that Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End releases on October 20th for mobile. For consoles, the update is still in the works. Watch the original Terraria 1.4 trailer for its PC release below:

As with the other major updates to Terraria, the changelog is beyond massive. The highlights for the 1.4 launch on PC are Journey/Master Mode and Golf, over a thousand new items, new music, new boss battles, new music, atmospheric effects, new biome backgrounds, and a lot more. Check out this lengthy post for all the new content and features Terraria 1.4 brought to PC. If you haven’t played Terraria in a while on mobile, check out Shaun’s RPG Reload feature on it. Terraria has been great on iOS ever since the version 1.3 update arrived but got even better with a full feature set for controllers. If you don’t have a controller for iOS yet, check out my guide on which controller you should buy here. Have you been playing Terraria regularly?

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